Not Broken

Dark hair

Frames her angular face

Protruding cheekbones

Paperwhite skin hiding lacy blue veins

Dark eyes

Follow me around the room

Judging me

Looking at me

Wanting to be me

Her light lips murmur a strand of words

"Not good enough"

As she cries inside

The tears bubble out

Onto a notebook

Labeled "French" in letters that tilt

To one side

The writings of her heart portrayed

In beautiful drawings of birds

Wings flying free

The breach of peace

Like a harsh sharpie marker

Coveres up the pictures

In a set of scribbles

Hiding her beauty

Closing the cage

So where the tiny bird cannot fly free

But she cant....

Stand not being perfect

Which to her is bones

But when does perfect end?

As she is unnoticed

Her cage locks

I look her in the eye. Remorse

A key appears

Her eyes look into mine,

The key is in the keyhole

But the lockbolt remains.


This is her

Could have been me,

But a perfect girl named Ana

Clipped her wings

She can never fly free.



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