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 A strong feeling of desire or enthusiasm for something important.  It is the very fiber of human emotion as it allows us to go above our limits and chase dreams we have been striving to achieve.  Humanity wouldn't be able to experience love and happiness without passion because words can only say so much about a person, but actions speak louder than anything else.  I cannot bring myself to live in a world where there is no passion for anything.  Passion is what allows us to keep working hard despite life constantly putting pressure on yourself to fail because we are not perfect.  We fight a struggle every day to remind ourselves why we have to strive for success and happiness in life.  Sometimes, you feel like there is no point in going to a job you may not like or a college class that makes it hard to get anything you want done. How does passion allows us to overcome these challenges?  Passion allows you to become strong in the face of failure.   Strength isn't determined by how you can push yourself physically but by your ability to improve and learn from your mistakes.  The ability to keep moving forward despite life pushing you down is the greatest quality a person can have because you develop passion for what you work for.  It gives you something that will have significant meaning to yourself as a person and what is really important to you.  Appreciation can be considered the child of passion for many reasons.  What you worked for in life broadens your mind and develops a sense of conscience to find yourself.  The many failures and successes in life reminds yourself to always appreciate what you have and to always push yourself to become a greater person.  Passion is something that we cannot live without in life. 


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