Learning How To Bloom Without Burning

does not come easy to me.
never sprung spontaneously
into my wildfire soul.


you see, 
my first instinct 
has never been to soothe,
anger always arrived before that.
my words would rush from me,
frenzied bursts of fragile rage
from the pulsing beast
inside my rib cage.


but then you came into my life
and brought light
like i had never known before.
your warm eyes
and lily lilting lips
woke a desire in me
to be deserving,
to live without fear.
and so you taught me
how to laugh instead of leave,
how to speak honey
and breathe sweet.


now, when the world comes to me
seeking softness, craving love
I do not turn it away, no–
I smile, open my palms,
and offer up my heart.

This poem is about: 
My family
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