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Hey Lovely, what's your story?

I don't know you, you don't

know me, but when I look into

those brown Eyes, I see that we

share the Same story. Something so

beautiful in the makings, it's gotta be.

But your world won't let it be,

It seems so cold and lonely over there,

Almost like you have terror in your

Own backyard; faces watching you and trucks

patrolling as you stand there and smile.

How do you smile?

Hey Lovely, I've gotta dime.

Tell me your thoughts to make them mine.

Tell me the things you see when you dream

Every night. Is it the soldiers that control your world,

Or is it a dream of a better life, away from there?

I'll be your shoulder, I'll be your hand,

I'll be the umbrella that protects you From this storm

Ahead. Hey beautiful-tell me, is it over yet?


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