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Aphrodite, slightly bouncing on her toes, happily sought to gossip of lovers' woes. "Wanting a bride, a man of grand sum did seek the promised hand of a maiden mild and meek. Through my guidance, her betrothed heart he did please. How I do love complications such as these! Within her grew infidelity's best proof. Rid of the babe, kept from her fiance truth." How her highness, the hypocrite Hera howled. "Wretched woman! Hades could not her soul cow!" "Lovers' choice formed, through the lover's choice ended. Now new subjects I must find!" Love lamented. Shaking her locks, the queen watched Love's graceful glide. "Could the babe's fate have been prevented?" she sighed. "Had Love felt not so obliged to intervene. Blest be the coy who avoid lust," mused Athene. With thund'rous clap, lightning-fingered Zeus appeared, to them proclaimed, though gods be human mirrors, "Meddle not nor worry of mortal affairs. Evanescent lives do not deserve your cares." The same 'gain reigned; inevitably it does. Mistakes alike through blithe ignorance of love.


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