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She- she is in pain, she is hunched, arched over coming closer I realize tears of agony progressing down her face. So I lay her down and give her adjustments with procession and care. Off she goes happy and in harmony.
I turn my dome to see a juvenile much-much thinner than me so I give him some cans of nourishment and away he goes full in harmony.
A gentleman distant from infancy comes in my establishment, he’s cold, he’s wet, his clothes are begrimed so I give him fresh garments and he departs in harmony.
My passion for compassion goes beyond the mere yearning just to be a Chiropractor for I am that of a man- a man driven to serve further, further than that.
To support those less privileged in any and every way conceivable is shown by my need to help feed those who are in pain with no wealth gain. Till my days are gone, I will be steadfast till the dawn providing compassion for that is my passion.


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