Lots Of Varied Emotions

The thought that counts

I hold this dear

Regardless the gift

The intent is clear

Loving someone, has no price

It's unconditional

No need to improvise

Sometimes love, speaks from the heart

What I do for others

Can play a major part

Words are loud

But actions are louder

The things I do for someone is truly devoured

Putting in all the effort

I have to give

All the compassion

That lives within

Every ounce of appreciation

Is medicine

It can cure someone

Who’s living dim

It's nice to have a person who cares

One who listens to my despairs

A person who hears out my troubling trials

Someone who goes for me, the extra mile

It's great to have one who never tells a lie

Someone who’ll be there for me, near and by


Love isn’t about what I can give

It’s what I put into something that truly is

What I can do to put a smile of their face

Or what I say that can make their day

Nothing much, it’s the simplest things

Let someone know

I'm thinking about them

That there’s no place better

Than being around them

Devoting my time to an individual

Showing indefinite faithfulness

Is a beautiful sight

When there is only a certain person, I look to impress

To me, love is a word that can’t be explained

It’s a magnificent feeling, that can’t be contained

And to share that with someone, could just mean the world entirely

Try something new, maybe anonymous or quietly

Love isn’t getting credit for their joy

It’s about infinite happiness without decoy


This poem is about: 
My family



I feel that when you love another person, it has to be unconditional, without reward or expectaion of favor.  I see it everyday how my friends expect their family members to give in order for them to do what is expected of them.  Life is too short to remain idel, waiting for someone to love. Give yourself whole heartedly without selfishness, and prioritize your commitments.   

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