My momma always said 

that you had to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

before you criticize them


But what happens, when the shoes don’t fit?

or maybe they are “not your style”

and you cannot seem to find the compassion to put them on


And that boy that you mock

because he doesn't have the overpriced Nikes

that give you so called confidence to punch him down

There is no way you are going to try on his Sketchers, is there?


So carry on, and never stop to see

how that kid is working to pay for college next year

and his Mom’s salary won’t cover the rubber and plastic footwear

that will give him confidence to stand up to the ignorant


But maybe one day, when that boy graduates from college

and his Mom is sitting there, prouder then she has ever been

Will his shoes really matter?

And how far did your Nike’s get you?


And that girl you call faggot

whose shoes happen to be covered in rainbows

but if you try on her shoes, 

you’ll catch the disease won’t you?


 But maybe those verbal knives that you through at her

will push her over the edge

because she is not safe from it at home

where her father threatens to kick her out

if she ever brings home a girl


And she is just trying to find her way

and dig for the courage that it takes to keep moving

when everything is standing in your way


So what will you do, when your son says

Dad, I’m gay

or you sister says

I’m an alcoholic. And i need help. 

Or your neighbor says

I just lost my job


Is compassion something that you will never have?

or will you make the choice, and jam your feet into those shoes

Even if they don't quite fit


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