When told what you cannot live without

A good Christian should

Tell all about

Their love and desire for God.

For me though that’s not true.

I must have compassion.

I can’t live without it.

I can’t think without it.

Compassion is apart of me.


If there weren’t any compassion

Then the God I love so dear

Will crumble and falter.

My Lord is a compassionate spirit

And if the substance were to wither and die

Then this world would be gone,

For His wrath would have

Already destroyed this ugly Earth

And all the people inside.


If it weren’t for compassion

I would be an empty shell

Rotting and decaying,

Dying daily.

I would be nothing to this world

And this world would be nothing to me.

Without my compassion I just couldn’t be me.

I’d be a void of emotion

And tears would never cross my cheek.

Compassion is my gift from God.

I just wouldn’t be complete.


If the world was deprived of its compassion

Then it would simply continues its descend.

You see it,

I see it,

This world is becoming apathetic.

It’s scary out there,

And the world is not completely devoid of compassion,

But look at it now.

Imagine how it would be If it never knew

The gentle touch of a compassionate soul.


Now compassion is not

A weak little thing.

It is stronger than love,

And it overcomes the hate.

Compassion fruits the hope in the heart

And compassion swells with the faith I have for God.


The tears I shed,

The words I write,

They all come from the compassion in my heart.

I’m not weak.

I am stronger with my compassionate tears

Than a man who lost their heart.

I am stronger in understanding the suffering around me.

I am stronger in keeping an empathetic view.


Pity is not the same as compassion.

With compassion you can tap into another one’s soul.

You can beat as one,

You can feel as one,

There is no misunderstanding,

You are in sync.

With sympathy you simply see

But with compassion you know.


As time draws near

The world starts to fester

Into a deep, rotten black.

Compassion is the sole thing

Keeping it together.

Because without it,

My God’s grace would die.

Because without it,

There would be nothing fear.

Because without it,

I’d be nothing

But a shell

Just waiting to disappear.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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