World of Change



I wish to change the morale of impressionable youth who would rather follow than lead; they who feel as though gold chains and name brands are worth more than their self-respect. 

I hope to change society's family values so that they replicate those of the Cosby's and Obama's.

I pray to transform the lives of the people who don't know where their next meal will come from and revere the nightfall because they fear it will be their last.

I want to change the injustices that many people choose to believe do not exist, but 

on the contrary...

They are made more and more apparent each day like a tattoo sleeve

continuing to grow vastly with each stroke of a sharp surface to the skin

I yearn to change the minds of young women who expose their bodies attracting superficial adoration that falls inferior to the real thing

the true love they've chosen to hide their hearts from.

I would change the world so that delusions of grandeur will no longer be a symptom of "madness" revolving around falsehoods, but our reality as a race of humans; filling the world with genuine love and understanding as a communal triumph creating results that are everlasting

Making so that Mother Earth's pulse can be felt reverberating to the beat of an inspirational song that can be heard from throughout the galaxies

Because her heart is growing even stronger than it has EVER been and the love growing and glowing from within her is even greater.

Yeah... that's what I would change. 



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