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Theres someone for everyone, they always say In this I have hope, Patient Ill stay You'll come when I stop looking, so I did Ill play the long game, and reject the Id
We feed from eachother –Fruits of the womb.Our minds meeting,A binding of souls exhumed.  
I am Cheif Oduduwa. I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny.
Of course you do. I should've known. I get half your attention. 
Love to be longed for, thinking it existed no more.    He builds up my hopes, then tears down my dreams.   Never knowing how much, to me, he really means.  
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
Taking the plunge without knowing What was waiting  When this love was done growing. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be.
I dreamed of home last night Home The dream was dark and silent There was no plot, setting, or characters It was me In the dark
Hi, shiny sweetheart! When I am lost, I write you. You brighten me up!
I’m sorry... I’m sorry I’m not the perfect girl, and that I couldn’t be selfish for once. I’m sorry that I am nice to a flaw, but that is simply who I am. I am sorry that my decisions led you to today.
A girl online I've never met is stalking me Asking where I live Asking me how old I am When she texts me, "I love you" I laugh That's why I made sure she'd never meet me Because, unknown to her...
Her eyes were as brown as the mud we rolled in that one afternoon when we were kids.    Her hair is as black as the asphalt we'd run on at recess when we were in 3rd grade.  
Her eyes. They shine bright like diamonds. Her hair. So beautiful. Her body Perfect just the way it is. I love her. I loved her for so long. But I kept it inside
The night loomed over the park. The cold nipped at us. We held hands through the scattered blackness   and I wasn't even afraid of the dark. Red Blue Orange Green White Purple bulbs everywhere,
Her bare back moves with each breath as she sleeps into the late morning. A tattoo on her shoulder peers over the covers, as her glasses sit on the table adjacent to the bed. I want to take in all of her-
he was a secret that I regret keeping locked away, deep inside my soul he stayed he shook hands with my fearshe befriended my pain
The promise he made to me about a hundred and one times, he broke. "I will never leave you baby girl," he said and where is he now? Only a shadow of a memory left for me to ponder in my head.
I want you. I want all your nooks, All your crannies, All your smiles, your tears, your hugs, Your kisses.
Perhaps I was wrong, maybe my accusations have been oversung.   You were, as far as I was sure, the problem that made me fight.   But as I leave you in the dirt and move on, it seems
Listen up, kid, and listen up good.   My brother and I may only be 1 year apart, but damn right I'll protect him at all costs, so you better watch out.   The first time my brother mentions
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,   Whenever we talk, we're fire breathing, Only time we aren't fighting, is when we're eating,
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
(Verse 1) Just let me say I’m only a man I hope that you would’ve understand And see all the love that I had So high up but I’m about to crash and land Worse come down since my acid trip
Love.   A crazy little thing. It sets our hearts aflame, makes us brighter, radiating stars in the crowded galaxy of existence.
Do you remember that one night, when we first got together? Pure and innocent Beautiful yet risky I wanted to be with you too.  
A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work.
#Believing in one another #Embracing our differences #Complimenting each other
You say we need compassion, I say we need communication yet we both have a passion and our hearts will be each others donation. Because I love you I want happiness that will make us soar.
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
Loving someone isnt easy Loving someone takes time Loving someone takes effort,  But loving you isnt a chore Loving you isnt a hastle Loving you comes natural
for Sofia   Last night you came over Slept over On a school night The next morning We walked in hand in hand And I got looks from my friends
Doing all of these things becuase I love you...   Listening and valuing your opinions because I love you, Respecting and loyalty to you because I love you, Making you feel important and wanted
“Because I love you.” Multiple definitions For words so loving.   “Because I love you.” Manipulative gestures
Your fingers trace my skin, like a pencil on a map. Slowing down over my edges, like a car on a mountain. I never know where your journey will take you. I just hope I am there to see it.
My Strawberry Cheesecake with a Milkshake   The inexplicable display of perfection that occurs when you smile and
There are so many things I will never be able to express. But you are beutiful like stars are beutiful. Your laugh sounds like a gentle stream over pretty little River rocks.
I'm not your Prince Charming  I'm not your Romeo  I'm not the one you call darling but don't cry infinite sorrows   Let me show you how to love and to laugh and cry Let me help you get back up
Roses are red ,  Violets are blue If you were my girlfriend then I'll do anything to stay with you. 
The lifeless walls Of the   Rising elevator carrying Nothing   Save for a Pair   Of nervous Smiles
She has the name of a season. My least favorite season, but she makes it adorable. She has the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.
It feels like I’ve never been alone before. Obviously I have, but that was so many years ago. I grew comfortable, you were a huge part of my life. Although, you were the part of my life that held me back.  
It all started in a sea wrought of Red and Black Independence among me, us three, never looking back But every backbeat moving me forward to the sound of music Imploring the euphoria we seek, of beauty.
  I am the perfect boyfriend The solution To all of life’s problems Her soulmate
What went wrong? I had you at my side when we started out I had you and held you and called you "best friend" But please tell me What went wrong?   I loved a girl and she wasn't you
I love how your hand fits in mine, I love how your smile can light up a room, I love how your eyes shine in the sun light, I love when your Eyes meet mine. You are the Ronald to my Hermine.
Knowing that I could see your face Or I could hear your laugh Being with you Wakes me up   Your fingers intertwined with mine
Get up get up lets greet the day Gyrating and Vibrating the music gets to me Sound waves in my soul bringing back memories Looking forward to family gatherings
You're beauty is like starlight, but more like the spaces in betweenBecause you're so much more than just a pretty faceYou're so much more than the precious pearls you hide behind
You promised me Wonderful, glorious things.   You promised me A white house,  With not-blue shutters,  A pond out front,  And horses in the back   You promised me 
 We argue yes and we may fight But yours I remain at the end of each night Our love is a bond getting stronger each day With you I am happy I would choose no other way
They say "you can't win a breakup"But you can lose oneWhen months later you sit in your room alone watching movies and stuffing your face with barbecue chips on a Saturday night,
Oh Sun Why do you shine so bright? In the morning Even in the night Oh Sun Will you display your radiance only on me? You are a star Such an admiration from afar
Shit...that's all I could say on the night that my dad made us go different ways. I said it three times as I put on my pants, and he knocked on the window as you pulled out your hand.
When asked what’s the one thing I can’t do without There’s one specific thing that floods into my mind For loving and having her is no doubt The most amazing blessing of all time  
Thank you. You changed my entire life with a simple smile. You bring me happiness and gratitude, and make me into a better women everyday.   Thank you.
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
All I Need by Melia Candelaria Your lips, your eyes the way you smile at me when we brush fingertips in the store as we stroll through the aisles as though there is some secret that only I can understand.   The way your hair falls over your eyes i
Eyes of green bottleglass and amber, not gems faceted but true stare acutely at dotted marks on field and of blue, while silver moonlight hair and skin of sweet ice cream are dim and fade
Your arms draped over my shoulders gently My head rests gently on your chest As your other hand is tangled in mine You’re watching me laugh at my stupid movies
Darling, something is wrong All day has been bitter words It seems our conversations have turned insolent I only asked for something from the heart
Her skin is pale, her teeth are white, our love for eachother, is like any might. Without her, I am completely alone, without her, I am sad, sad to the bone. There is no other girl, no girl like she, without her, I don't know what life would be.
I fell in love in three days. In three days, I felt emotion radiating from your eyes as you gazed down into my own, softly cradling the edges of my heart as I foolishly let my guard down.     
A tinted red rose grazes my cheeks when I think of the time that you licked your lips after kissing me when I asked you why, you said you could still taste me. It was delicately beautiful and disturbing all at the same time,
There once was a time when you came into my life  We were once just a friend, teasing each other with playful remarks And giving witty comebacks to each other’s responses.
Love shouldn't hurt. I shouldn't have tear drop stains on my shirt. I shouldn't feel like I'm alone,when you're in the room. I shouldn't feel weak , with you I should be strong.
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
He's desperate for another m
I walk across the bridge as the cars pass my side and underneath me.
i love you is so overused thats why i always pause  before i tell you  that i love you because i want you to know that im serious and i hope for my sake and yours
Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit. Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure. Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
The weakness of being taken. I can't be taken from unless I am taken by. I can't be taken from somebody until I am somebody's to be taken from.
Complications are starting again,
I use to feel like I wasn't enough For anyone to cherish or place above. I use to feel like I wasn't enough Unless it involved emotionally detached touch.  
My heart is light like a feather, dark like night. Your heart is warm like a fire, brighter than the sun. Fire and ice, I'm dark, you're light, But if you mix it right, it can be paradise.  
The War   (monolouge) Damn  I just wanna Drink and forget It's hope and regret  If I sip
A shadow of conches talks to me,
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
I've always loved the ocean and every time I look into your eyes, I feel as if I'm swimming in it. Every time you kiss me my world comes to a halt and I never want it to end.
I’ve seen society fall apart.
It'll all change, written on a different page but there is no going back Love was the lack, my soul as dark as black, i lied i cheated ill do the opposite of my mistakes
I fight my way through your Loquacious verbiage And open facade Of a closed door, Searching for entry To your ego I give respect for your walls And take care To walk around,
The belief of who you were is as irrelevant as crayons to dog food,
I dreamt of you last night. 
When I say “I love you”, I mean it I know it’s right
i She wanted to be my
If your lips were a drugI'd be addicted-I'd keep coming back for more and moreUntil I couldn't stay away.
So, I’ve got a boyfriend and you’ve got a girlfriend.He loves me like I love you like you say you love her. He’s a very good man and everything anyone could wish for. But the star I’m wishing on is different than everyone else’s. 
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
I love you more than words can say.
at first glance my heart wanted tp dance dance when i see you you light  up my face i never want to leave you i want yoou fiorever in my life
I love music and I analyze the world around us according to two genres: Hip-Hop and RnB More specifically I define love in terms of their beat What rhymes catch my attention and what rhythms prompt me to move out of my seat
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
He may not know it but, she fell hard for him.  Harder than a naked body belly flopping against a freezing pool of water. Like glass breaking against her skin. She may not reliaze it, but he's drunk with love.
Why? That is my question. Why do I feel like you're the exact definition of perfection? Why are you so amazing even though I'm only staring at your reflection, Not making a sudden movement,
I don't want diamonds, and I don't want the world. I just want you to hold me close and tell me I'm your girl. Don't buy me a dozen roses or rings with big rocks. Go to the dollar store and buy me some colored socks.
Love May I lay with you? It is not to fill in my void, gutted by loneliness. Nor to feel a sexual pleasure. Though I can, it would not be to tell you my life story.
I've sat and I've pondered, trying to create The words in my head to explain to you how I feel. How every thought is consumed by you while I lay in bed. How every moment not spent with you, is a moment wasted.
The dim lighting hits your alluring body in the most perfect way.I stare as if I'll go blind by sunrise.
Sitting on the red bench The busted, rusted, nasty school bench The place I used to go when the teacher had enough of me What an ugly word Benched.   Sitting on the red bench
A girl sits and thinks about the man of her dreams. Brown hair, brown eyes, A smile that beams, A man to help her through her lows and highs.   She imagines him as a doctor or lawyer.
And if you could have made it that much easier  I doubt you would've  It's so unlike you to give away anything  That could've  helped a single soul  Along the winding road 
I miss that girl. I miss that girl, I really do, It hurt to have to leave. She has my heart, she really does, For I gave her the key. And now apart, it really stings, For she is part of me.
I miss that Girl. I miss that girl, I really do, It hurt to have to leave. My heart is hers, it really is, For I gave her the key. And now apart, it really stings For she is part of me.
hundred tiny white shells at my feet, I have to tred carefully. Suddenly they crack, and I'm falling. What happened?! Did I do something wrong?! Down a hole where nobody goes,
What Did i Do That Was So Wronq All iReally Wanted Was For Us Tew Ghet Alonq I Thought This Relationship Was PERFECT :) But iGuess He Doesn't Feel The Samee And That Really Does Hurt Me
If only you knew How my heart jumps a little when I see you, How I spend hours picking out an outfit, And go all out with my makeup Only to impress you If only you knew
I remember  the way our eyes met,  when we first talked.   I remember  the way our lips touched, when we first kissed.   I remember  the way your fingers fit perfectly in mine,
Maybe the timing’s not right. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Should I put up a fight? Or should I let it be?   I keep running into you. We’re so close, yet so far.
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
DIG ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING GRAVE!Stop burying me in past memories,Forgotten conversations,Guilty Temptations,The unending persuasionsTo take you back-  NO!
She cares, even if she shouldn't. She loved, even when she promised she wouldn't. She let him go, even when her heart couldn't.   He promised her his heart for ever. Would he walk away, he swore....never.
Our first evening in London he Keeps his arm around my waist and I Laugh at everything   He kisses me in the door of the flat And doesn’t kiss me again until we wake up
 Burning slowly Like I'm set on fire This can't be good It doesn't always feel this way The slice of rose thorns severing My veins Tearing me apart from outside to inside A brewing poison
They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes.
Oh, LordWhat have I done?I've ruined everythingJust because I can't say "no"Or control my paranoia or my frustration
We started out on cloud ninewe never imagined being apartwe were forever, we were together.We had it all planned out, right down to the day we said I Do. But then the hate startedthe stressreality had settled in and it was trying to tear us apart 
Silence stretches Between you and iIts painfully quietThe music turned on highTo drown outThe painful truth 
Betrayal BruisedLeft aloneNo one to holdNo one to love
  I want the boy with our baby cradled to his chest I want the girl wearing leggings and my sweatshirt I want someone  who will share food with me and let me barrow their fork
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
You don't know me yet, but I know you,And I understand how you feel. We want the same thing. You feel like you can't find the right one,When in retrospect, the right one is me. 
If he walks by and sees youBe carefulYou're like rare pork lined and soaked in fresh bloodAnd just by the way he walks and talksYou'll undeniably fall for his perfect charm
Why do women fall in love with men who are completely wrong for them? Is it a hidden sense kindled from our genetic nurturing trait that we think we can baby bad boys into good men?
One call in the fall. A text in the winter. You say you're at home but I see you out with her. Must pain you a lot that we broke up. Because 2 days later you two hook up. One smile in the spring.
your hips could tell stories of lovers past before me. of the mornings you lay bare, alone in your bed with only the silence surrounding.
Friends run around the blazing heat Capturing the sand under our feet Screaming like we've lost it all We'll party till the wheels fall Seeing stars in our eyes Not a care is given about how fast time flies
Deleted talent you should not have wentIn my heart that beats there are a few dentsThe dark will be there forever moreAnd my pillow will forever be the cureEyes are heavy and the body is weak
  The first time I admitted it was over text I knew I was about to make my life a mess "It gets better" was the chant I held on to the only way I could face that girl in school
These scars here are r e a l. Seems as though I -  Love -  You ,                      does'nt quite appeal. But this is how I f e e l. Like I could capture the whole world-right before your eyes.
When she lays for bed it is you who runs through her head Even though the two of you have been apart for so long she doesn’t know how not to hold on
Hello beautiful girl, That's all I can say to you, Cause tonight is our last night together, Unfortunately it'll have to do. Pretty soon you have to go, As yet again I fall for you.
Love had escaped me Falling in love Impossible Being loved Even more so So I thought But love found me Rather given to me By the One who is love Through a woman A woman of God
Such a deep love, impossible to ignore We're pulled together, while others pull us apart. Love is forgotten, making life such a bore The lost memories, breaking every heart.
I wonder how you came to be for your stone cold heart doesn’t seem to beat. There’s a chunk of ice in you chest, frozen so cold you will never rest. The Love I gave you could never undo
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
Kiss me, shove me, break me Turn these shades to black & blue, Peel back this skin, make it new Love me, hate me, infuriate me Scream a little louder; I can't hear you,
A silver hair spins a thousand tales unspun. It comes, drifts, sinks and leaves, Blinded by what it thinks, hears and sees. In a world where the two, seeks the one.
Do you want to know how I feel? There are butterflies swarming around my stomach at all times of my existence. My bones shake and my heart rate goes through the roof.
The way I felt when I met you is the way I want to feel all the time. The way I felt when you touched me like chills up my spine. The way I felt when you kissed me like a thousand butterflies.
The man controls the puppet, The second it is finally made- And goes on to make the rest To fulfill a romantic charade.
So i've heard that all is fair in this thing of love in war. But in reality people fight dirty, nothing is fair anymore. Our love is stolen, sometimes never given back. We give it away so much, we eventually lose track.
My love... Your eyes strum compositions too complex to ever interpret with harmonious strings... rainbow violins, played by cosmic kings You... are a musical piece too delicious to swallow Guitars made out of chocolate...
Such sweetness was in her eyes, But now her heart is made of ice. I’ve given her scores of chances, But at most they end up being glances. I would have given her my life, But her apathy cuts like a knife.
it’s 12:34 and i guess i’m just a sack of skin caffeine replacing my endorphins my happiness is busy she’s gone, running out my nose and streaming out of my eyes and
"...Hearts are best fixed and re-run than left broken, hurting, and struggling to function And though it may be as fragile as glass Or if you are never completely healed from the last Always keep your heart open
Ive just been layin here in bed, you're the only thing going thru my head..every little thing about you, all the things i love, all the things you do that just captivate me...
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