The Beautiful Thing That Will Never Happen

Theres someone for everyone, they always say
In this I have hope, Patient Ill stay

You'll come when I stop looking, so I did
Ill play the long game, and reject the Id

Body and mind, develope I will
To be a good deal, for you to seal

Noticed by you, at last Im enough
Your smile tells me, this isnt a bluff

The Journey was arduous, we met at my worst
In your companionship, I quench my thirst

This isnt a dream, its just like they said
To greener pastures, at last Ive been led

Unending happiness, with you at my side
Love found at last, Ill make you my bride

For better or worse, we'll make it thru
From myself you did save, my commitment is true

Power was sought, but "Love" conquered all
To let you in, my pride had to fall

Our acceptance is mutual, and our love is eternal
For your body and mind my passion infernal

True to the end, in death we depart
The moments we shared, were our greatest art

The Pipedream is ending, Im no longer Idle
This poem is bullshit, look back at the Title^


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