Deliberately Smiling

You're beauty is like starlight, but more like the spaces in between
Because you're so much more than just a pretty face
You're so much more than the precious pearls you hide behind the jailhouse you call your lips
You're so much more than the emeralds you keep behind your eyelids
You keep a notebook full of things you're too scared to say out loud
You don't give me butterflies,
No you give me bumble bees
Buzzing around inside of me
Pollinating my pathetic little flowers that everybody else trampled on

Your skin is the untouched snow that fell gracefully at my feet

A snow angel has never looked more inviting

You remind me of a lightning strike
Unpredictable, beautiful, terrifying

I pray that you will strike the same place twice

Let's paint the world's walls with our thoughts

Let's get excited over a multi-colored sky

Let's spend the next few hours driving in the pitch black
Singing songs we don't know the words to
Screaming until our lungs give
You’re the brightest star in the night sky
Bright, beaming, screaming for attention

And I’m the astronomer who can’t take his eyes off you

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