The Beginning of the End


Wake up dress myself in black as usual. I felt off. Dani never answered last night...oh wait I didn’t answer her. Oh well I’ll just text her later, or see her after school. First period. Italian is boring. Second period. Time for choir. Third period math. Mrs. Egan the vice principal walks in requesting my presence. Nervously I assemble my mountain of books. Now we’re walking, walking, step by step my anxiety grows. We walk through the maze called John H. Walker and arrive at the principals office. I walk into the stuffy, dry room. I look around the room, the bald principal sitting behind his desk, Mrs. sitting in a chair, and a new face sat in a chair next to mine. This face was painted with a fake smile, I could see the pain in her eyes.  The bald man began to speak… “Hello Gabriella.” Hello? Get to the point. “I understand you were friends with Danielle Orna?” Stop. “Dani, you're going to fall!” “No I won’t Gab.” “Wait Dani, my foot’s caught.” “Come on Gab let’s go!” Her blonde, purple, blue and green hair shining in the sun, her eyebrow ring reflecting off the sun into the water. Her smile so bright as she focuses on the placement of her feet. Time began again as I heard the bald man speak my name. “Gabriella, were you friends with her?” I thought to myself as I analyzed his words. Were… were? Are we not friends anymore? I thought I was going to her house later. “Yes… Yes I am.” “I’m sorry to tell you this but, Danielle passed away last night.”  




“...passed away last night.” “...passed away last night.”  “...passed away last night.” Make it stop. No, she’s not gone. I’m going to her house later. No you’re wrong.


Time stopped again. I was at smoker’s bench with Dani. A new bench sat there, fresh wood, freshly painted. “It’s too perfect” said Dani with a sneaky smirk. Five minutes later Dani+Gabi was etched there in the wood. Forever. Just like us. Forever. Or so I thought.


I was in the school psychiatrist’s room. I was alone. Was I the first one to find out in the middle school?


I was breathless. All the air in my body was knocked out of me like I was punched in the gut. I was sitting there shaking. Finally as the last bell rang, my torture was over.


Ran to Dani’s house and I saw her mom look at me with tears in her eyes, holding dani’s bear. The bear I gave her. I broke. Running home alone, the brisk air hit my face so harsh it held back the tears. What happened? I finally got you to promise you wouldn’t leave, but you did. I love you, come back.


Gabriella Giordano

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