To My Girlfirend

If your lips were a drug
I'd be addicted-
I'd keep coming back for more and more
Until I couldn't stay away.

If I were to die, I'd have one last request-
To see the universe.
So I'd peer into your eyes,
Because I can see the galaxy in their brown depths.

If sex with you were a medicine
I'd take it all day
Because when I look at you I feel feverish
And touching you makes my entire body quiver.

If loving you were water,
I'd be lost in a desert and drink it rationally,
Because I wouldn't want to lose it.

Without my love for you, much like a water for a body,
I'd die.

If I had to choose leaving you or dying,
It would mean the same to me,
But if I kept living without you,
The days would dim and the sun would never shine.

If meeting you was the best thing to happen to me
I never want to experience something new
In case it might overshadow you
Because I never want you to just be in my past.

If I were to shout to the world that I loved you,
I'd lean in and whisper it to you
Because you are my world

And I can't get enough of you


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