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When asked what’s the one thing I can’t do without

There’s one specific thing that floods into my mind

For loving and having her is no doubt

The most amazing blessing of all time


She’s the leaves turning colors

Til they start to fall

She’s like everything getting colder

And the beginning of football

She’s the beauty in a painting

Left for personal interpretation

She’s like reading a good poem

And a nurse tending to a patient


Living in a world where everything is so wrong

She is the thing I cling to

All day long

She feels so so right

Amongst a world of pain

She’s the sun in the sky

On a day without rain


The beauty of one person

Can change the entire world

I see her and light up

Want to dance and twirl

My attitude reflects on my peers

They begin to feel the same

And one by one she saves the world

And does it with no fame


Clinging to her every word

Watching her every move

She’s so perfect with every step

And her beauty is so true

She talks with a voice

That seems to melt my heart

Her hair is different shades of beauty

And her eyes are where love starts


I can see deep inside her

I just want to stare

I don’t want to deprive my eyes

Of the most heavenly thing out there

Beauty flows from her

As the tide flows from the sea

And when she sees me staring and blushes

Saying “stop looking at me”

That’s when I fall deeper

Seeing her smile presenting itself

From deep within

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