She is Beauty

She has the name of a season.

My least favorite season, but she makes it adorable.

She has the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.

She's got red hair that has an awkward wave to it, but I find it irresistible.

Her lips are always painted a pigment of red or pink.

Her eyeliner isn't perfect, but it is to me.

I call her baby, I call her sweetheart, but I most of all call her mine.

I get jealous when people crowd around her,

When people hug her or tease her,

But it's okay because I know that I'm her's.

Her style is laid-back, PJs all day, hair almost always in a messy ponytail.

Hand intertwined with mine all the way down the hallway,

Small kisses shared as we pass each other by.

She is beauty. She is perfect. She is mine.

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