The poem I should've written months ago

They say "you can't win a breakup"
But you can lose one
When months later you sit in your room alone watching movies and stuffing your face with barbecue chips on a Saturday night,
You can't help but feel defeated when you find out your ex is moving on
When he's blocked you on everything but still follows you on Spotify,
You might have some hope right?
So you can't deal with it when he unfollows you.
I don't like him though,
I like what we had,
and I don't understand why it ended,
no explanation; one day I had him and the next I didn't.
I realize what I did wrong but I never did anything to make him leave;
I was understanding and not clingy but also not distant,
I was funny and beautiful and willing to give him anything he wanted,
I did; I laughed at his stupid jokes and pretended to like hockey,
I opened up; both emotionally and physically,
I told him things I tell no one and I showed him things only I see.
Months later it still hurts,
How could someone refuse you when you've been the perfect girlfriend?
Why is it so easy to kick me to the curb like a piece of garbage?
Does anyone have a heart anymore?

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