To My Brother's Future Girlfriend

Listen up, kid,

and listen up good.


My brother and I may only be 1 year apart,

but damn right I'll protect him at all costs,

so you better watch out.


The first time my brother mentions

that he has a girlfriend, you know I'll be curious.


And the first time I meet you,

you know I'll ask many questions

and you'll borderline be interrogated.


Now I know I may not look that intimidating

but if my little brother ever comes home telling me that you did something, anything to hurt him,

well, you better be on the lookout for me.


But don't get me wrong,

I won't constantly be monitoring you;

in fact, I'll be your #1 supporter -

if you make my brother happy and

if he treats you right, all is well with me.


And I'm not one sided, either;

if you hurt my brother,

I'll be sure to hurt you too,

but if I hear that he verbally or specifically,

physically, hurt you in any way,

I'll definitely give him a lesson of my own.


But just know:

when you come into his life,

I'll be waiting for you

with open arms.


And a little advice to hold onto:

family is a stronger bond,

so if you want him,

you'll want my full approval as well.

This poem is about: 
My family


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