We Only Hit Reality In Poetry So Listen Up

Sun, 12/21/2014 - 00:08 -- Karma_


I don’t know your favorite color

Or your favorite movie

though I could probably tell you which

X-Men movie you liked the most

if I thought about it hard enough.

I don’t know what you like to do at

2 am when you cant sleep

or how you take your coffee

or your favorite book.

I have loved you for 6 months

and sometimes I feel like you’re a

thousand piece puzzle

and I only have 4 pieces

I know that the sound of your laugh

reminds me of Christmas and

that you get upset that I get upset about her

and that your eyes light up

whenever I compliment you

even when you don’t accept it.

I know that you probably love

Eminem more than

mostly everything,
and that you hate yellow M&M’s just as much,

which is weird.

I know that you don’t really care when I ramble

about my favorite anything,

and I’ve memorized which paths

to take with my fingertips

that make you shiver.

I know that when I’m upset and you

tell me to relax that it’s definitely

not relaxing at all

but I still try to follow the advice because

it came from you.

But there are parts of you that are


underneath fake and genuine smiles

and old relationships

under piles and piles of books

and stuffed beneath quotes

painted onto printer paper.

There are parts of you that I haven’t

met yet

like the girl

who already has extremely nerdy
names picked out for her children.

The girl who leaves

footprints in the sand of the

beach at lake superior

only to know they’ll be

washed away, mere seconds later

The girl who will put her life down

for her siblings, and has, repeatedly.

I want to meet the girl

who defends even the shittiest people

because underneath her badass

attitude, she still cares about everyone

she’s ever loved.

I want to meet the girl who loved her.

But in the meantime,

Hi. My name is Karma.

My favorite color is purple,

my favorite movie has a giant creepy bunny in it.

i knit at 2 am when thoughts of you keep me awake,

i take two sugars in my coffee the next morning

and my favorite book is about a meth addict.

I don’t know those things about you,

but now you know them about me,

So it’s your turn.

I’m listening.



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