My L O V E For Him . . . ♥

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 11:28 -- T_Gray


What Did i Do That Was So Wronq

All iReally Wanted Was For Us Tew Ghet Alonq

I Thought This Relationship Was PERFECT :)

But iGuess He Doesn't Feel The Samee And That Really Does Hurt Me

Yhu Said Yhu Wanted Tew Change

But Why Do Somethinq That Yhu Know Yhu Really Dnt Want Tew

I Love Yhu And Yhu Know That iDo

Soo That's Why iCan't Understand Why Yhu Think Everythinq iSayy Isn't True

When We're Not Talkinq Tew Each Other I Can't Stand Iht . !

I Hope Yhu Don't Ever Take The Lovee That iHavee Fah Yhu Fah Granted . !

I Made A Promise Tew Mah Self Tew Put Mah Self Before Anyone Else

But iCant Seem Tew Do That With Yhu

Because Yhur Always On Mahh Mind And Thinkinq About Yhu Is All That iDo

Mahh Heart Is Tellinq Meh You're All iNeed

But Mahh Mind Is Also Tellinq Me That Yhu Just Miqht Leave

All These Feelinqs Are Rushinq Tew Meh All Aht Once

So Can We PLEASE Get Thinqs Riqht Between Us

So iWont Have To Experience The Feelinq Of There Beinq An End Tew Dha Tew Of Us . !


*Tew =To, Two

**Ghet = Get

*** Dha = The



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