Thu, 07/02/2020 - 16:36 -- sfishr

We feed from eachother –
Fruits of the womb.
Our minds meeting,
A binding of souls exhumed.


An earthly pull,
Forever present; always there
During fag breaks and lifts home,
A chemistry all too rare.


So effortlessly obvious
Yet both so unaware
Too hesitant to address the elephant
And lay our feelings bare.


7 hours; our first date
Pocketing scrapbook-worthy reciepts:
Our relationship’s substantiate
Finally, someone that loves like me.


30 days, that’s all it took.
The romantic type –
You’ve got me hooked.
Restoring my faith in men


What perfect timing,
After a year of finding
Myself, our loves the silverlining.
Two Cheshire cats, smiling.

Transcendent together
Half-jokes of forever.
We deserve eachother,
We’re more than lovers.


An “I love you” whilst inside of me.
The 5-worded question right by the sea.
A forecasted ‘not yet’, but the moment was nigh.
Commiting to a person has never felt so right.

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