I can't believe she's gone...

I walk across the bridge as the cars pass my side and underneath me. The icy fall evening consumes the trains drawn out yelps. That gentle breeze carresses my tear stained cheeks, and my head warms like it does when you're present, and although my body trembles, but not from the paralyzing cold that seaps through my jacket like a ghost, but because you.... are no where to be seen and only then do I realize what you​'ve done and I am selfish and I blame you because my greedy lips will never be fufilled by you again and it is your fault... or maybe in this moment.. it was mine because I couldn't stop it... and only now do I realize that neither... neither could you and it hurts it hurts me to know that I am alone but so are you... so are you..... you...... you. And I...... I can't believe she's gone......


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