Lighthouse Fantasy

I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
And slide a periwinkle in her hair,
Glide my hands around her hips,
What the world says we don't care.
I kiss the henna on her palms,
That bore a lotus I gifted yesterday,
Smell the turmeric stain on her sleeves,
From the meal she cooks me everyday.
I steal raisins from her pockets,
From the burglar of my heartbeat,
Shining goggles, all favorite lockets
And peck her cheeks for a pie treat.
I whisper this poem secretly to her 
Make her eyes nest a rainbow glow
Bite my ears, create a motion blur
Dancing in the sun like no tomorrow.
I pray all the clockwork to freeze
Even clouds craved our ecstasy
We cuddled like intertwined trees
Wondering if its for real or her fantasy.
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