My Strawberry Cheesecake with a Milkshake

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 02:27 -- JAIA

My Strawberry Cheesecake with a Milkshake  

The inexplicable display of perfection that occurs when you smile and

The way your eyes light up with the glowing warmth similar to the summer months Or the heat given off when a fearful child curls up between his parentsYou may not know this, but I stare at them a lot to notice When your pupils expand and I enjoy holding your handThe physical contact always makes me start sweating then my heart starts to raceEspecially when we kiss and I gently caress your gorgeous faceMoving your beautiful hair out of the way to get a better angle Every night I thank God for blessing me with such an angelHeaven sent with the fiery passion of a demon out of hellI let you know all of my secrets because I trust you to not tellEvery trait that you display inspires me to be a better personThe feelings that I have for you will never fade and that's for certainSoft lips with the sweetness of honeySpending time with you is worth so much more than moneyThe days I spend with you are very sunny and brightI even enjoy the peaceful nightsI sometimes watch you sleep thinking I wish I could be with you for eternityIf I ended up losing you it would hurt like a kick to the teethOr a kick in the stomach which would be worse cause I know I wouldn't be able to stomach itIf this relationship ends it would be a terrible punishmentWhen the time comes and we get married you're damn right I'm gonna cherish itMy whole entire life I've been an eyesore and an embarrassment But while I'm around you I feel better than Clark KentEven when you're gone your words of advice and wisdom stay with me and give me strengthI'm just waiting on the days when we start creating a familyTwo beautiful boys and two gorgeous girls that both come out healthilyWatching them grow as the days turn to months turn to yearsAll the experiences come and go with plenty of laughs and many tearsAs we age I just revel in the conquering of two of my worst fearsDying alone and staying committedWe lived to an old age the only thing that stopped our run was a stupid sicknessAnd as we both lie waiting to die I decide to admit thisI love you. 

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