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'Twas the night before Spain And though I might yawn, I doubt sleep will be gotten, At least until dawn. My suitcase is full Up to forty-nine pounds, And my backpack is zipped
  the swipe of the yellow card blurs  the transition between the outside to the underneath yellow lines separate commuters from the slick metal torpedoes they await
The leaven of my skeptical mind, seemed to disappear in the countryside and small cities of Sweden.
I don't understand how commercial air travel is still the transportation of choice. Masses of travellers being crammed into the plane like a tin can of sardines.
One day we will visit Ireland, the land of my ancestors where they carve little figures of pigs out of a thing called connamara marble And where I climbed when I was eight, the castle ruins
Nous venons Nous errons Et nous allons C'est tout ce que nous savons.   Nous venons sur terre
Waking from a dream that carried me away Away from the past sorrows of day to day Free of the shackles of a hard working life Three times I’ve forgiven, wrongs causing strife  
God has sent the Angels near closest to the one that fears even though you are alone resting due to casted stones a light nearby will slowly heal your broken soul, so well concealed
When you visit Rome, it is as if history beckons,All other thoughts are secondary to reckon,Stunning architecture and ruins does the mind conjure,While being tempted to look at the bigger picture  
In the middle of the warm Atlanticwhere there are small islands    in the Caribbean seawhere white sand beachesstretch a long distance    the end you can not see 
Now They STRESS That In Chess.... It's ESSENTIAL For You To Make The Right Move... !!!
I was misguided.Interpreting all of my feelings wrong I don't want to travel I want to see world,In one person.And have them want me back, forever
On my wall, there is a map                    of all the distant places I want to see-             From ancient castles and palaces            to grand natural phenomena-
Ya Know On My Travels I Now Sit in Sandals... In Rittenhouse Park In … Central Philly … But It's FAR From................ Chilly ... !!!
Time travel, baby, Set me free, Time travel got a hook in me, Time travel, baby, Set me free, Time travel got a hook in me,   In disguise as a young man in the city,
Taking The Train Is NOT Quite The Same... Cos' I'm Now A DANGER In IDIOTS Brains'... !!! Time And AGAIN... It's The OLD... " Same Ol' Same "... !!!!!
I have a late night McDonalds crew. I'm betting you wish you had one too. We go and we get ice cream and fries. I'll usually go for two apple pies. Three girls and a boy, well an honorary female.
the brightest colours fill my head "will reach your destiny soon, heart said the BLACK road the GREEN grass around the sun was comming with me with his bright ORANGE and glee the sky was pleasant and BLUE
I knew I shouldn't get excited I shouldn't get myself worked up I got a little taste of freedom  Now where am I? I'm fucked! You took the away the ocean with which I fell so deep in love
New World Far from home I have travelled Beyond my imagination
Rolling stones can gather no moss and so, much can be said for stability, for establishing roots, having a sense of place, spending generations at the old homestead.
wandering through streets window shopping up and down what a luxury   beautiful buildings young and old, they surround me cause me to wonder   the golden sun sets
How could I ever escape from the sun when I find myself living where it sets and running toward where it rises?   How am I ever supposed to hide from the ceasless calling, the siren's song
Intelligent, diligent, on top with perks People from high places wanted me in victory The letter grades, the letters of proof, accomplishments The water looked so good, too good   But my heart, mind, and soul
Feet perched on top of a practical duffell, those few inches of distance Between my feet and the carpet allow space for impractical wishes. Wishes that I weren’t here, waiting.
The trees in New York are so much wavier.There are different layers of opposites.Cattails in front of my nose, that house on the hill is staring into my eyes.I’m beginning to trust my gut more lately and I’ve been lucky not to blend into a peach f
slowly highways teach me to gnaw years off their concrete,   from the worn bumper stickers and yellowed life   lines, about fifteen feet above, watching over exit forty-five,  
There once was a British Indian girl, Who lived in British world. Eating her fish and chips, But still loving her Indian dips One day she was told, That she would have to leave her usual mold.
A Year Alone I chose to go, to somewhere that was quite unknown.   A Year Alone; A long plane flight. I cried myself to sleep that night.   A Year Alone, Strange Family.
Granada is a town that holds quite well its very own, With an unique culture blend that is difficult to disown,There is the confluence of diverse religions,Which frankly, is nothing short of legion  
It was nostalgic while landing in early October at Zurich airport,After twenty years, the revisit meant I could have something new to report,It's always exciting to be back in Switzerland,
Cordoba is home to the largest mosque in the world,The Mezquita's architectural splendour is a stunning monument to behold,It is a confluence of Jewish, Islamic and Christian trinity,
A tourist's delight is London and not without reason,If you think otherwise, you can't be forgiven,The British culture is something in which the Britons pride,You have no option but to take this in your stride  
Traveling is a part of who I am A search of me In a place I've never seen Weather buildings or the jungle I find myself in bundles I explore sandy beaches and towns where I am faceless
Her lips take me to all of the places that I haven't been. My tongue peeking from behind teeth. The secrets inspired by us and us alone. Exploring the world with our eyes closed. All at once.
  It’s too hot here For your skin too pure and white That’s why you only go out at night   You walk the downtown streets
Bring me your poetic thoughts  From far off lands And daring tales of adventures you missed. Show me your wild lies With wild eyes And speak poetry to me. 
She fell in love with the people she returned because of them because she wanted to love them better and she did. Though she also learned to love the moments of the sunset over the lake
I love travel. Sometimes it's difficult. Sometimes crazy. Sometimes I think why do I do this. Sometimes I feel empty and tired of traveling.  But then there's is this other moment. The moment in travel, when all makes sense.
all the places you go taste the history breathe the stories the essence the air heavy with magic take a sip of the soul of the land then leave a bit of you for the next traveler
Heaven on earth Where dreams and memories are made, Time just fades It’s a gift to receive Peaceful and captivating Life’s motivating             It takes your breath away
My heart is aching! I feel torn in two. Between who I was, And between the new.   Away I will go To venture afar, Away from my love With feelings ajar.   Can I be worried?
That gentle breeze Nothing but fresh air It is crystal clear Rising up through the atmosphere When the ship sails Over the horizon You can see those nightly skies As you approach your destination
Home is where I rest My head at night Such a fickle word It seems to change all the time   I’ve gotten used to The shifting
  76 MPH down I-85. The tires rolling underneath make me think of a galloping horse. For five hours, I watch the scenery change Towering city to Abandoned town to Blazing tree tops.
There's dust between my toes My itchy feet seem to grow Where have I come, where have I gone Who knew this road I'm traveling was this long. My feet are weary, and so is my heart,
Dear fellow dreamers yearning to satisfy their wanderlust,   I wish I could always be traveling,                                        Adventuring striking royal ocean waves.                              
The pink is s w e e t and          follows the sun to the west. It awaits my chase.
dear mountain standard time   the desert is in itself an oasis, an escape from the monotony of trees and grass that plague the forest valley   they are all i have ever known, truly
Dear Self,  Sometimes when it's late at night and I feel like my room is the only vessel drifting through a black spacious ocean with the constellations above, some bars of light will begin circling around
Dear Family, Thank you guys for all the help,Because I really thought I was going to melt.With all the pressures that high school broughtI really felt like I was being tied in a knot.
I wanted you to fill my heart With something that would never break apart  You plagued my mind by day and night With your sweet sense of humor and bright glow of light  Contrasting my darkness, destruction and rage
To the person I once was,
Dear No One, I address no one in particular, though I address everyone this cross's paths with. We have the same desires, do we not? The desire to watch the palm trees  dance in the wind, 
dear aspiring traveler, would you still want to travel the world even if you could not take a camera with you? oh, awake and seize this opportunity to see majestic Everest,
You tell me everything will turn out That I have my whole life ahead of me But what if I don't?  What if there isn't that much time left? Is it so bad to want to see everywhere that isn't here?
Dear Exchange, You’re a blessing You’re a disaster I feel lost Yet, I feel like I’ve just been found
Maybe it was too much what I put you through, in the end I always thought of me and you.I asked you to hold on when things were rough, you tried to hide it but I could see things were tough.When I shouldn't have been lonely I was, in those times I
Think a thought and let it simmer Go for a walk in the woods and get wonderfully lost Take a blow to the head and taste the liquor Jump on a plane and forget the cost   Cut the gluten and end up thinner
  I could not stop myself from taking flight, And eventually, I got lost in her light. I prayed that no one would notice my desperate glances,
Sleep evades me; My dreams propel me To a greaeter unknown   Through all I've excelled From the place from whence I came To the road I will travel. - A wandering soul
He wanted to have something to look at through long legs; the view of Port Ann on the other side. He admitted to having no one, and got angry twice. He always liked her And liked being with her.
Once upon a time there lived a young princess She lived in Los Angeles, California But her roots traced back to the Middle East Unfamiliar with much of her culture, she remained stuck in her city castle 
i saw the world today, spread out over the mountains and over the seas; swirling into the ether, straining toward oblivion.   i heard the world today:
  Miss in, your infinite jest              your classic fury              your talking seeds   Mist, the clouds of vermillion          the masquerade of bells          the chef behind red
Ghosts of memories I have never had press up against me in this place. I hear the echoes of your footsteps running up and down the paneled staircase but I only see your scuffmarks.
They say your heart is inside of you It's the driving force of everything you do I'm not talking about the one that beats  And pumps blood throughout your body It's not a muscle  Not in the physical sense
You and me, on a wornout blue seat, in airy pillows of the same shade. My head on your shoulder, you lightly tap me. Honey,  We're here.  
I'm not lost, I'm a wanderer. My feet follow no predetermined path. I have no idea where I'm going, but I feel no fear. I'm embraced by the uncertainty that lies ahead. Around the corner.
The Girl Who Was Also a Map   It was winter when I first met her I did not quite realize what she was Because of the cold, she was covered and concealed.  
So every person I am drawn to For an unwavering spirit  And a heart of gold Is taken or young or nonexistent And though many stars point to them They are unreachable for a Girl stuck on planet earth.
My passport was my ticket, As I climbed aboard the plane. Guitar across my shoulder, Adventure in my veins.   The world has been my hometown, In the year I just walked through,
Naperville I am privileged I live in Naperville I never struggled I have too much food to eat I have too many clothes to wear
Where I'm from, isn't a place I don't see anymore,  it's a house where my grandparents now live.   I'm from a collection of things from my childhood, From my baby blanket - oh - and Lovey.
I've been everywhere, Although my body ain't been here or there My mind has traveled everywhere. I lived on the South Side for nine years And the North Side for eight, But that really ain't right. 
I sift through stones in a wooden box alongside my sister. It’s sticky August, vacation. The “Indian Store” smells like incense and leather,
Finding Myself Across The World. Easy. Apply for study aroad program. Get accepted. Apply for loans. Rejected. Cry in front of financial aid. Accepted. Arrive in Alnwick. Expected.
Three, two, one... I dive straight in, and I hear the commotion and clouds of confetti, I come up in a new year.   Seat belt, please - Anxiety, nervousness,
Traveling and language learning are my passions;So I do it as much as possible.From skimping out on homework to study KoreanTo studying abroad in Japan and Seoul in the summer of '16The excitement never ends
Throughout the year, times have changed.  Times change, things that held so much importance previously, seem to carry less weight now.
Living in a world Called the USA Ingnorant of others Because they're only on maps But took a journey outside And saw my world Isn't the only world That exists on Earth South Korea
It started as all do, in January But I was not in the same place The year started abroad, where I learned to be on my own With a new language, new friends, new everything It was difficult, but just enough
To Beijing, The world revolves around Beijing.     I met one of the kindest people...he smiles wide.
(Do You Still Love Me?)   How lucky these sheets would have been to know you.
I see friends travel,  experience new things and step onto foreign gravel. They walk a different path. My experience is less than half.
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
The crisp cold wakes me by nipping my nose. The sleepiness leaves me from my head to my toes. I look at the clock and groan so loud. It’s 7 o’clock it’s time to get up now. But instead of readying myself just yet,
When stressful work strangles my joy, And all chance of happiness thus destroyed, I think to myself, how nice it may, Be to pack up and leave for a getaway,
Swimming through air Floating then plunging Through depths Gliding over Whispy vessels afloat On nothingness Effortless
There are seven wonders, And a thousand beautiful things. Lines to stand in, And people to bring. The pressure is growing as time slips away, Why aren't I growing In this well-traveled lane?  
Be the one well traveled, hold truth higher than your comfortand your faith will set you free. 
I feel confliced I feel lost I feel constricted Where have my hopes gone?    I have lost my guidence  I have lost my touch My heart and brain have a crashed alliance
I stepped off the plane into a new land, and new language, and new climate, and a new culture. It was humid in Hanoi.  It was dirty. Dirt sat in the streets and people sat on the sidewalks.
The turn, the spin, the rotation of the continents, latitude, degrees, and dizzyness. Dizzyness. Then it stops by your finger, but your finger is landed upon an
If I could I would Go back in time When we first met I would look at you With different eyes I would thank you While we sat at a table Alone In front of the school library
Driving home alone late at night is something of a religious experience. It’s not something you’ll want to do often— it’s like church that way— but you realize that sometimes we need loneliness
To test my limits and my will. To go on a journey far away. I will find what I need. Although I can't travel far today. Or live for the thrill. This pen and paper make me feel just as freed. 
Protective pillars stacked around me,      pages of promise, worn and loved. I am safe. Lives to live through, lessons unfold. I learn. Travel through time and traverse the world. I grow.
New York is where it began, I knew I'd be the worlds greatest fan. I had an imperishable fever to roam, my hair would never need a comb.  I knew to be truely free I would have to lose all that was "me."
I show up at the farm, my home in Morocco for the next 3 weeks.   Terrified.   In the moment that I met her,
Over oceans, over seas Travel takes you where you please Some can lived enclosed in boxes, But that’s not for me   Through the jungles, past the woods Seeing cultures, learning new ways
There's a hole in my soul and a hole in my sole It hurts when I dream and it stings when I walk   There's a mountain staring down at me   A silent letter (doubled, sixth to the end)
Placed on a wall above troves of books and boxes, A map. Pushpins dotting its colored face, On the lips of Beijing, the nose of Amsterdam, The ears of Cairo, and the cheeks of Athens;
I’m a traveler. The world is mine to explore and I’m the world’s to intrigue. A knock at Adventure’s door will surely lead to proceed
Traveling is what many long for, To travel when and where you want. To travel the world is to live free, To live free, is to live happy.   Happiness is not a destination,
A bar The travelers Drooping shoulders of men Hazy clouds of secondhand smoke Homebound  
All of my unrealistic expectations were created by that explorer.  
As we drift west 'neath cotton wisps and buttes, Cerulean and pearly white combine To mock at spinach-green and call it mute, And point it to the highway's yellow line.
Heard trumpets from afar this morning, closed my eyes to embrace a memory of warm winds and white sand. The smell of salt water and Caribbean cuisine laid still in my mind, for a brief second.
I want to float away, on the wings of butterflies, as they whisper the secrets the wind howls to them. I want to tie a string around the moon, and swing across the ocean, to worlds I never imagined,
She stares out across the sea Wondering what things could be What sights and sounds there are to know To go out and see the world grow   She imagines all the people she could meet
I AM… Cultured.
I'm blind to lines Except the red ones, by design, Like loose leaf, looking higher Seeing white, being inspired to try By a margin of heaven Above a sea of blue lies  
I don’t have the street smarts
  1 The clouds slide past  and rising, rustle against the blank sky. Their grandeur throws me off balance.  I wish I could throw off my clothes
Gratitute towards life overwhelms me I go about my day in optimism and curiousity Productivity is the fuel
This house is not my home But merely the place I roam My heart aches to travel To leave this road of gravel
Fast. Faster.  As the speed increases, so does my heart. My eyes melt as I look across the horizon slowly accelerating into the oblivion. Every cloud a different shape with a different story,
Im used to these shaky take-offs Because new beginnings are never smooth Probably because I force these chapters to end too soon.   As I break the layers of the sky it all becomes a plane
Wanderlust is a str
They say I'm crazy, I'm all alone But thats not true, they just don't know That while they party, drink and dope I think of my future with excess hope Where I can travel, near and far
To see a place, to watch its people walk around with their Tesco bags and their baguettes and their pretty smiles is nice.   To hear a place, to listen to its birds
I neither love nor care what they say about me I am my own  and my own is me   I am the one who will  decide where I go    I am the one who is  traveling this road  
I trust my grandmother is well
They call where I live “The Bubble” “The Happy Valley” because whatever problems we face we hide behind photo shopped pictures with filtered solutions. Anyone who breaks the mold gets broken apart,
I travel the whole world
Gently place your foot upon the road, the simple start of every journey.   Little do you know, that this road is me,
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
I feel most alive on the US-15 with my mother, my father, and my puppy.
Did you have to cut me off  with those sharp edges. did you leave on such a thin note? heavy harmonizing with my reality? tuning into my pockets i emptied in following my heart on that flight to you?
The sun shined, and the sand burned, The waves were soothing and calm, My hair soared while the wind turned, The hot sand was grasped in my palm.   I felt a sensation of unexplainable joy,
I've traveled the map of you -
Oh it is my feet My feet who take me places Oh how far I'll go Traveling on my feet
Adventure always calls, I have learned to let it break down my walls.   I travel far and wide, Open to new ideas and experiences is an example of my pride.   I have gained new skills and confidence,
The insects bite incessantly, penetrating the shield of bug spray, sucking sweet blood from veins.
We passed along the Colorado River many times that dark October night. And each time you said to me, "look for the water"— I called out to the darkness bound to the road and there was no reply.  
Feeling that cool, soft breeze against my skin feels, feels amazing...
I. in Appleton, Wisconsin, there is a boy named Cael who dreams of Copenhagen and draws demonic flamingo. his spine is curled the wrong way from countless years of binding.
my father is a man of many colors. on the nights when the moon stays asleep, he lotions his palms with pomegranate juice.   the sugared blood pools in the creases of his skin and stains it India’s red.
My Adventure Longs Experience Thrills Unkown
  One could spend an eternity of Light and Waves To fathom what’s just beyond the charcoal borders Drowning everything in the passage of its escape.
To the land of wandering and stories that ancients told Leaving us to pondering The memories of travels old   To the land filled with dust Eroded from histories stone
Wanting to just blow by, no noise I never acknowledged life’s worth Not wanting to be seen Well that’s everyone’s dream Right?
"How beautiful," I say
Trees and rocks Rocks and trees Trees and rocks Are all I see  
BIllowing curtains Earths joyful tear drops leaking from clouds Then settling on window panes Tea in hand Rocking slowly in my chair Melodic notes drift throught the air Dreaming of far away lands
Wanting, Aching, Craving  The World.   To expand my mind to places farther than my backyard or the church, To learn a language of love by being surrounded by foreign lovers,
In just a few hours, I'll be on my way. London will greet me, By the end of today.   Mommy, I love you, And I hate to say goodbye, So I will see you later, And please don't cry.  
You used to whisper into my ear sweet nothings I love you, I would never hurt you, Leave you, I will only and always love you.
Dirty feet and white sheetsLovers down and oceans foundTravel with me and discoverWhere we are and where we are meant to be
Why don't you come on down to my place?/Just take a seat in the chair by my suitcase/Find that space next to the wall/Though I've been here before, I haven't seen it all/Like the wind, I move from place to place/The only constant is my suitcase/T
Willies squeaking and puddles rippling
Everything I say is wrong So i've been staying quiet Not speaking for so long
Don’t ever dream to wage a war Against the powers that be You’ll scratch and claw and only get sore
I almost cried when we left Ireland. It was so green, and the people so friendly. A weathered land of legend and song, the prettiest place I'd ever seen.   The Alaskan sky was gray and wide.
I want to go back, Back in time. When God created the world. I want to see Jesus with his disciples at the Passover. I want to see Him rise from the dead.   I want to watch Moses
I like to think when two roads diverged in a yellow wood I took the one less traveled, but instead, I feel as if I have forged my way amidst the trees and debris somewhere between them both.  
LIFE   It's a journey, that's what life is, Many paths to choose from, The choice is yours, pick wisely and reap rewards, Or play the ignorant fool, 
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took both. By taking both I: Realized that cities are not just markers on a map. Understood that when you travel you bring back things you could never buy in a shop.
  Up above our wondrous world
Open your eyes To the world around you. The beauty taken for granted By some
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
Paradise sits on the mountainside Towering buildings of all size Where the water rolls and glides Up on this city of mine   Towering buildings of all size
To roam in constant hungerfor a place that can’t be named,Chase nebulous ambitionson a map of macramé,Everything provoking,trembling in your sleepLike a broken chandelierof decadent defeat
From country to country   When I was two years I left my country I left to Asia to a better country After seven years there we became angry
She Will   The woman leaps across the continent: Bern, Paris, Munich, Prague, the green sloping fields of Switzerland. She is moving forward, moving towards  
Here I come,
I grew up in America.  I grew up in England.  I grew up in a Massachusettes hospital.    I fell in love with  Romance At a young age.  Didn't see it much  Growing up,
I want to teach It's my future goal and my childhood game I can become a teacher But . . . is there more I can see the world It's in books and on tv I can hear it so clearly
From the esoteric Asia to the wild Amazon I feel my spirit standing still while life is rushing on Kaleidoscope of countries melting in my dreamy eyes For now I sit and wonder
I n e e d to. j’ai besoin d’ return to the
I went on a journey to find love,
From the back of my Subaru, I hope to see the sight of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Old Faithful, the RedWood forests, the Grand Canyon, lak
Sitting gallumph in his hard
  I want the world In the palm of my hand I want to serve others By writing down the word of man   I want to write To see the world To record the ways of life
It's just one job, I promise, just one. I have a dream, a great dream, to live under the sun.To see the ocean gleam,to be wild and free.Ah, yes, a traveling journalist,that's what I'll be! 
To eternity and back again. To see life in a perspective in which only i can give. Shooting stars and a floating fortress, Life in jars and watching it go by on porches. Stories at the tip of every tongue.
I can't tell the difference between my dreams and reality anymore  Everyday I wake up and yet I'm never really here  I find myself living within the parallels of a world that loved me unconditionally 
I've gotten so used to the rain that I hardly feel it anymore  It's liek a friend giving sweet, sweet caresses  Letting me know everything is all right  The cobble stone sidewalks that trip me on my walk remind me 
I left you by the riverbed In a place where none can see I'll never forget what you said as I watched you drift out to sea   We began our journey together tethered by our fates
How can you hold all the promise in the world,  and you can't keep a promise worth making? Why are hearts so rythmic and loud, My dear, I think yours are breaking. How can you create such beautiful things,
Believe in me I 'm going to see A world so big, but small   Travel far
Feet that have walked miles on foreign soil. Hands that have reached out to new friends. A heart that has fallen in love with a passionate culture. A mouth that has spoken a kind word to a stranger.
I have memories attached to curves in the  road, moments encapsulated by  long strentches of highway. They return briefly to existence as I travel them; anxiety trembling in
Left my mark on hundreds of places, But it’s not my feet who touch the ground. It’s not that I haven’t gotten around, Yet I wish I’ve felt the tracks I’ve landed, Or the influences I’ve made.
To look at a map, they say Is to see the world.
I need to escape
10,000 miles was this our fate   Meet one day, the next separate Two of a kind Our love, we went in blind   10,000 miles is this just a number   The signs point to you sir
As I sit staring at the "fasten seatbelt" light overhead
Boxes and shapes circles. Preschool Tables.   Rainbow loop.   Small dark squares spotted like a cow some bundled together. One long cloud above it all. A huge scab.
If everyone is an actor, to each his own, why do some leae the performance in the first act? One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings. But Look at your hands.  
Can you dream for me?
Nothing ever feels like home anymore. I want to just travel somewhere I never been to, drop my backpack, and say "This is it. This feels like home."
I met a local from a hostel during my travels. He was an insightful person and was very knowledgable about Singapore(kind of like a tour guide).
Berlin:             Where dogs roam the streets,             and anarchists drive hummer styled limousines.   Nordrhein-Westfalen:             Land of mountains, windmills, and mystery,
 It was all I needed to see  the bridge to reach my dream  standing tall, reassuring me  to my future, my grand scheme    It used to only be a view  a sight from the city I love
Now that the West coast is calling: Where are you going? Now that you are simply stalling: Where are you going? You pack your bags to up and leave,
Mine eyes have seen the coming the comming of many things, But as things pass by my eyes they become many goings.   My feet know many back allies that have kept me off my trail.
Do you ever get that tightness in your throat, like you’re about to cry? But you don’t know why? Do you ever get that ache in your heart, like you crave something desperately? But you don’t know what?
The home of a traveler Is not really a home, But more of a way of life. The home can be furnished nicely With a chipper mood and a broad smile. The furniture is all in place 
Wow... All that color? in all of that black? That black that goes on forever. A place called space for its vast amount of just that, space. A place that holds, no, cradels our little ball of color.
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } Pollution, poverty and humidity Is where I was born. A third world country where society was torn.   Where the mountains stood, Looking down on the city,
Teach me the pulsating beat of the city, that raw, man-made harmony, smooth, yet gritty.   Surround me with hustle, bustle, chaos, an insanity, those signs that we are dictated by our own humanity.  
Traveling around the world is extravagant and fun,  meeting new people and recognizing cultures. You go to Mexico and eat a caramel bun, Cross the sahara desert in Egypt and see vultures.
I wish I could give you my globe And remind you that it won’t always be this way I would tell you that one day, you will escape to somewhere far away from here
"thank you for flying!" seatbelt latches snap open briefcases are hoisted into the air a ruddy-cheeked boy's hand is yanked into the aisle all at once containment is impossible
I lost a day a few weeks back It slipped right through the cracks Of time I think I found it again, in mask But want it cemented, at last, in rhyme.   January Second slipped away
If I were older than I am,I would be travelling the universe.If I were wiser than I am,I would be writing countless books to inform the publicthat I am doing something.And although I am not older nor am I wiser;
    Come, don’t be afraid. Travel into the Distance on the path that curves into Nothing and bends into eternity.   Be with me As I walk into the core of the silence
Darling. where are you? She won't let go of her bear As she gasps for air    
I wake up at night Unsure of what may come sometimes I have walked aimlessly Like a song without a beat I do not know whether I hold instruments of deciet In what I try, in my existing dreams
  My heart is in flames  My soul is in agony  Who is he? They giggle Not he what  My lust is for adventures   Beauty brightens my eyes Sounds alight my ears  Who is he?
Take me away to see the stars,   traveling so very far. From the beginning of time,   to the end of the universe. Where ever the T.A.R.D.I.S. chooses to go,  I will do my best to defeat the foe.
Summer evenings in years before with all of the doors in the house wide open, The sprinkler makes its rounds around the yard with a rhythm unbroken: Ch-ch-ch chanting a summer’s song.  
So Many Places... Where do I wan't to go? Better yet, with who?  
It's all emotion, feeling the power escape when you let it free i love that feeling, the feeling of marking down who I am, feeling like me me and nobody else.. Just this little pen and paper
                                                                 Wondering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune
I left them behind in the airport    and forgot to look back   Eight months and twenty-eight days    this country has been growing in me    kicking until I crumble and stand back up
I was born in New Jersey.I grew up in New York.I live in Minnesota. I’ve been to Canada,Mexico, France,Belgium, Holland. I want to visit Australia,Brazil, Ireland,Spain, Costa Rica.
Entangled with the path of wandering I find myself often here pondering Which road should I take? Can I go back? WIll I forget? Confused I find myself tangled here Ropes from friends and other 'Dears',
Lana Del Rey on my stereo singingOf broken hearts, freedom, and tragedyStaring at the ceiling, cigarette in handNot quite sure of where to wander next
Smile or pain Which will it be to speak with a voice or let action take the lead   Should I go south, through a maze I know around or should go north to maze that looks unbound  
I see my destination ahead, But the more I walk the farther and farther it gets. The road gets narrower, And suddenly…I hit a roadblock. I feel defeated and like there is no point in moving forward.
I live in thoerical famishment, where nothing satisfies my appetite. I doodle grilled chickens, my mouth crafting fountains of drool. I dream of fluffy soufflés floating over fences.  
(poems go here)As the days grow shorter, the sky becomes longer
Don't live wishing for wings When legs can take you just as far Live life as a nomad A sailboat without an anchor Life is too short to allow for ordinarity   Remember opened eyes can be used to see
Cigar smoke, possibly from Belgium, wafting through the air.   Children’s laughter; the chime-like sound of babbling brother and sister, perhaps.   A thin silhouette
Can I tell you a secret? I still want him back. After all this time, I still have things to tell him.   I always told him  I hated the mountains, But I lied. I love them deeply, passionately, like he did.
The crags and cliffs stretch down into      the brown of the landscape. Everything is dead:      the trees, the animals, the earth... all varying shades of abandonment. Light bends and breaks in submission
NOTE: My poem is in the image. I am traveling somewhere in this poem. If you can't figure it out, the answer will be in small print at the bottom right.  
What is it about planes, trains, boats, and cars that becons me so? Why when I book that ticket to a far off land my hear is heigher then a jet plane?
Hark unto me oh ye man!!!! For it is not the struggle of one that overcomes all, but rather the struggle of all that overcomes one. We are not definite through human shape and form, rather infinite through UNIFYING energy.
Every night in sleep, I journey to the Land of Nod. Where strangely, my senses suspend about— exists separately, yet a part of me.
In this world exists somewhere peaceful in all its natural beauty; A place where the evergreen grows, And the fallen leaves rest on the grounds of the earth,
The city trembles under the rumble of the trains under the light of one million sunrises under the the anticipation of one million sunfalls
As a military child, I get to see the world. But when it's moving time again, I feel like I could hurl. I've been to England, France, Japan - I love to travel around.
Wow I cant believe I finished high school. This feeling I feel is too cool. I thank my mom for everything and when I have my amazing job I'll buy her anything. I want to be the best I can be
Standing at the Top of the world Is a great feeling . It was a pain in the ass to get there, though- A few ours standing in line, Followed by Uncomfortable proximity to strangers
A disease with no cure. Targeting the heart, soul, body, and mind. No lengths of the Earth can sate it Because it is the undeniable lust for more.
Wanderlust I want to see the world I need to experience the sectional wonders And gape openly at this earth’s natural splendor I want to see the world I must explore every inch
Whirlwind Rivers of twisted emotion, Thoughts of Alabaster and marble stairs Mixed with ashes of ashes of ashes. Of Poor and rich and kings and peasants. And she floats through it all, she
A world unseen by these eyes is a world I crave with a huge desire To walk along a path unknown, to see a world lived by those before. All I want is to discover new, to see a side of me that I never knew.
There was a child Not defined by worldly insignificances Wondering about life abroad and wild With a mind surrounded by fences
Feel the tongue tingling words oozing from my overly active brain. The sensation of bottle popping knowledge residing in your heart. His words will never hurt you again The hammer in your chest will pound no more
As exposed to the perils of the world Thus, we begin our journey. I love this part of the journey: Of nodded heads and friendly shoulder pats Of friends met by dawn And normally a friend ill-met by moonlight
Filling my heart with accomplishment And the sketched atmosphere of the aloof stratosphere, I stretch my legging clad legs over the edge of Cloud 9
A small adventure it was, a mile journey. On crumbling pavement, carrying my sandals in my left hand. Barefoot, blisters forming, small cuts from tiny shards of glass, thrown to the roads.
Days on end I woke up to the luminous sun shining bright With all of its might Endless ecstasy evoked Adventure Paris and Aunt P Enchanting. Places, like ladies from my lineage
Maybe I became what I said I never would, But maybe change is bound to those who only wish they could. And my life is spurred by the moments rooting from the past, Get whisked away and forget the time,
They say, I ought not be involved, With the people here, The culture of my peers. Their ways are defiled, By their own makings, But you come from better stock, So you must not,
Staring out my window I think today is going to be the day Listen to the wind blow Alaska I am on my way They all thought that I was crazy Well I have not heard much from them lately
I see their faces permanently pressed into my mind. We oft spoke different languages, but there was a connection and I still see their eyes, their watchful eyes, their smiles and wrinkles
This is the place where love never dies! Where silence is sweet and clear are the skies! The air smells fresh and the earth is old This kind of bliss can never be sold. These are the lands where everyone smiles
Every other summer we travel to Michigan The landscape's so open and calm The beauty of the tall hills of sand The beauty of the freshwater lake
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