Travel Section 2

I want to float away,

on the wings of butterflies,

as they whisper the secrets the wind howls to them.

I want to tie a string around the moon,

and swing across the ocean,

to worlds I never imagined,

and see sights I could only dream of.

I want to run as fast as the sun,

and chase it to a new reality,

where everyone loves,

and forgiveness is free. 

I want to scream my heart out of my chest,

so that it can beat its way to happiness,

a land long forgotten, 

and highly underestimated. 

I want to push my soul out of my fingertips,

and into the hearts of others,

touching and softening the toughest parts,

until they are freshly pinned to a sleeve,

I want to give myself to the world,

so completely that I am lost,

into a life of everything and nothing,

into a life of wanderlust and limitless dreams.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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