From Country to Country


From country to country


When I was two years I left my country

I left to Asia to a better country

After seven years there we became angry

We realize that my older brother and sister can’t made an entry

To a college because they are from another country

So we went bake to Sudan our home country

My father stays there to provide us money to live and study

I always work more than my best to make him happy

It has been fourteen years since my father is away

And everyone I know has something to say

This is the time for my father to stay

To stay with us not to stay away

But the life had other words to say

After eight years of trying my father won the lottery

And we have to made it again to anew country

To accomplish your dreams there is no something easy

This why we made it from country to country

I didn't come here because l hates my country

I come here because I love my future



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