Advice for the Ones Without Wings

Don't live wishing for wings

When legs can take you just as far

Live life as a nomad

A sailboat without an anchor

Life is too short to allow for ordinarity


Remember opened eyes can be used to see

But one needs an open heart to feel

And no matter the size of your luggage

Never forget your adventure and your patience


Leave time for the unexpected

Meet a myriad of different people

And finally, don't be afraid to be reminded

Kindness still exists in the world



Your poem sends an inspiring message about living life to the fullest, and never being afraid to go your own way. My favorite lines are definitely "Live life as a nomad / A sailboat without an anchor / Life is to short to allow for ordinarity" and I especially like the sailboat metaphor. Have you ever performed this poem? I think you could definitely inspire others to live life happily as opposed to how society tells them they should live by reading this poem to them. Maybe you could add a video to the poem, or a recording of your voice to make it even more powerful! Check out how to create a multimedia poem and more in the Resources section!

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