That Destination.

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 23:04 -- hullyf


I see my destination ahead,

But the more I walk the farther and farther it gets.

The road gets narrower,

And suddenly…I hit a roadblock.

I feel defeated and like there is no point in moving forward.

I sit in front of the roadblock, dust coming up all around me.

I grab a lone stick that must have fallen from a nearby tree,

Or maybe carried to the middle of the road by some scavenger.

As I sit there mindlessly drawing in the dirt with the stick, I see something.

Words written everywhere.

Lovely words coating the sky made by wispy clouds.

Words carved angrily in the bark of the nearby trees.

Words absentmindedly engrained in the dust that I walk on.

And I realize that I am not the only one who treads on this seemingly impossible road.

These words written in the midst of anger and frustration by past travelers.

Some comforting words to ensure that the destination is well worth the tedious journey.

And thanks to these words, I realize I can go on.

I will go on.

And I will add my words to comfort future travelers.





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