I AM... Cultured.

I AM… Cultured.

I am the small southern town that

I grew up in.

I am New York City, where

I moved on my seventeenth birthday.

I am a traveling international model.

I am lost on the streets of Milan, Italy.

I am the only English speaker in my apartment.

I am a weekend getaway in Cannes, France.

I am the stray cats and dogs with no real place to call home.

I am the Syrian refugee children in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am a crying girl who is across the world from anyone she knows.

I am trying to achieve my dreams.

I am the ancient Gods of Athens.

I am Gargalianoi, Greece, the most beautiful place

I’ve ever seen.

I am making friends in various different countries.

I am lucky.

I am blessed.

I am able to call the world my home.

I am the small southern town that I returned to, but completely new.

I AM… Me.




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