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In this world exists somewhere peaceful in all its natural beauty;
A place where the evergreen grows,
And the fallen leaves rest on the grounds of the earth,
Carrying the smell of mildew just after the rain trickles the road.

Somewhere where the seasons illuminate the plants,
And the lightning bugs glisten,
Playing a harmonic lullaby that eases the pain of a life we once knew.
A land so beautiful that not even our dreams can wander to.

Somewhere we can all escape to together
And rid ourselves of the irrevocable disappointment that comes with life’s frailties;
Where age has no number, love no price,
And simplicity comes just as naturally as our surroundings.

A place we can run away to when we’re lonely,
Or hide out when we’re scared,
Because suddenly, even our biggest fears become the smallest trifles;
Somewhere we can call our neverland.

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