The Journey

Traveling is what many long for,

To travel when and where you want.

To travel the world is to live free,

To live free, is to live happy.


Happiness is not a destination,

Happiness occurs on the journey of life.

So why not make the journey exciting?


Traveling can take you on a sea voyage,

An African safari,

A journey through the jungle,

An adventure through a forest,

It could take you up the highest of mountains.

Or even the depths of the deepest trenches.


Traveling will open many doors for you,

Doors that will hold new experiences,

Maybe even danger or love.

You just need to make the decision to take the risk.

And once you do, the thrill is incredible.


The fascination of arriving in a new destination,

The wonder of what will happen,

The excitement of preparing yourself for your adventure,

The never-ending energy filling your body throughout your experience,

The bittersweet sadness of leaving.

And the warm nostalgia that greets you as you think back on it all.


Traveling will build stories,

Stories that you share with all.

The fiery passion that you radiate as you retell every detail.

The lust and temptation pulling at you,

One more time.

Calling to you,

One more time.





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