Plane Rides to Where Ever

Im used to these shaky take-offs

Because new beginnings are never smooth

Probably because I force these chapters

to end too soon.


As I break the layers of the sky

it all becomes a plane

As the boundless field of clouds forms a new horizon.

Time is lost with distance gained.

The clouds begin to ripple

into surging waves of smoke above a burning sea

And it reminds me of a not so bitter past

exaggerated by my life's lack of direction.


The curtain of night drapes over the darker sky above

But the stars are more distinguished.

My attempts for peaceful sleep are plagued

by terrors of my ever elusive contentment

And I bend my neck in sorrow.


My eyes peel open through hours of failed rest.

The stars still beckon for attention as their clarity becomes obscured 

And the navy night fades into the gray of a foreign dawn.


The concrete field of clouds dissipates into whisps of vapor

and the horizon becomes unclear.

These clouds hold the drowning light

of the sunrise I now chase down.


My destination nears but I still have no direction

and my longing does not subside.

I search for my place, I must find a home

before another day is wasted.

It seems this journey will never end

But for now I race the sunset.

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