To Work Abroad

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 22:26 -- aikasm

From the esoteric Asia

to the wild Amazon

I feel my spirit standing still

while life is rushing on

Kaleidoscope of countries

melting in my dreamy eyes

For now I sit and wonder

at the blue panoptic sky


Kat Roberts

Wow, awesome word choice!

Panoptic esoteric

Love it!

Have you done a lot of travelling?

Or haven't but want to?


Thank you so much! I have been to Jamaica, Haiti, and Canada. This summer I am going to France and Switzerland. I love watching documentaries on  other cultures. I am currently learning French and Japanese, and I hope to teach English in Japan some day. I'd like to go on mission trips to South America, India and Vietnam during my stay at college. :)

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