Trip to France


I could not stop myself from taking flight,

And eventually, I got lost in her light.

I prayed that no one would notice my desperate glances,

Or how she made my heart do silly dances.


I loved the way her eyes gleamed under the moonlight

And she kept me up during the twilight

However, I knew that I had no chances

Or any way of making any advances.


Biting my lip, white

She blinded my trail of sight.

I fell from my strong stance

And destroyed any hope of romance.


So why is my chest feeling so tight?

Why are my thoughts filled with her during the daylight?

At this point, my senses are enhanced,

And I refuse to believe it was a simple happenstance.


My emotions were constantly in a fight

And I sobbed for many nights.

I tried to get out of her perfect trance,

However, it never worked under my circumstance.


We flew our horribly made kites

Messily under the city’s stoplights

And despite my quickly decreasing finances,

I wanted to take my chances.


So, my feelings haunted me tonight

And I could no longer be polite

I desired to tell her, “you make me dance,”

And how she made me love her and France.



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