Would You Go With Me?

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:21 -- jmcveen


Don’t ever dream to wage a war

Against the powers that be

You’ll scratch and claw and only get sore

You best stay “poor little me”


These are the poisons that are implanted

In the hearts of all blossom’s seed

The world will change you and take you for granted…

‘Till society’s word you shall heed…


And don’t study Art, whatever you do

For it’s only a waste of time

Everyone knows you’ll never survive

On the world of color and rhyme


So do as they say and all is okay

As long as you march in step

A nine-to-five and 401k

And mediocrity you can accept


You’ll live in a suburb with neighbors aplenty

Who struggle the same as you

Borrow money not yours for things you don’t envy

But never truly learn to…


Live for the moment or love yourself whole

For you’ll always wonder what if

You may plan for bells that never will toll,

Living on hopes and thrift


But what if, let’s say, I dream to dream BIG

And refuse to settle for lesser?

Light lights in the world and smiles in the hearts

Remaining life’s beauty’s professor?


I’ll surge from what’s right and move from what’s strong

And ignore the naysayers too

I’ll learn from this life for forever long

Abiding my innermost cue


But alone’s no fun and solo’s not strong

If this world I plan to see

So the question becomes for you, my dear…

“Would you go with me?”



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