From the Back of My Subaru

From the back of my Subaru, I hope to see the sight of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Old Faithful, the RedWood forests, the Grand Canyon, lakes, mounatins, beaches, valleys, blue skies, and thunderstorms. Weeks between proper showers, bed in the back seat, dog in the front howling at the full moon, I want to sing in a way no one will hear out from the back of my Subaru.

From the back of my Subaru, I dream of yelling my torment into the void, my camera around my neck, paintbrush in hand, and website running with an update once a month. Staying in hostiles, and seedy hotels, that cost next to nothing, I want to wake up before the sun put my meager backpacks in the back seatt of my Subaru.

From the back of my Subaru, I want to write sweet nothing into organic paper, recycled or otherwise, and touch the lives of romantics everywhere. With Illustration and camera angles, I want to return to a younger age, wistful and not concerned with adult things, without demons of suffocating jobs, and expectations. I wish to carve words of wisdom gathered from experience and talks with old people into patches of sand only to be washed away, to understand temperance, and to be nomadic. To know that last thing anyone will see is the back of my Subaru.




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