Those words that keep you awake


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Maybe I became what I said I never would,
But maybe change is bound to those who only wish they could.
And my life is spurred by the moments rooting from the past,
Get whisked away and forget the time,
Let love heal all those cracks.
If being happy is what it takes,
Then you’ve surpassed the tests.
Though holding on to those “what ifs” is a part of the grotesque.
Let light be natural,
And the waters be smooth.
Let the grass touch your skin,
And the wind speak with every move.
Hold on to the beauty of the world we are a part of,
Let love and light be your guide to the journey that’s inside us.
Travel and learn the world from different perspectives,
Let the moments you experience push you into the right direction.
When looking for the soul, don’t forget the main ingredient:
Love like it’s a drug and let every inch of your body feed into it.


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