a midst a rage i spat out-

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 13:37 -- seaweed


Did you have to cut me off 

with those sharp edges.

did you leave on such a thin note? heavy harmonizing with my reality? tuning into my pockets i emptied in following my heart on that flight to you?

"A romantic weekend that ended much too soon" It has not been a week since your tongue fluttering lie fluttered my heart like you flicked it wth white boy aim at my clit. Havnt you heard?

"hell Hath no fury like a scorned woman". The ice you melted when you burned straight through my shallow hopes and glass spontaniously aquired dreams of you, will not dissolve the venom in the back of your mouth, like the tears of the hearts you haveso carelessly broken prior. 

For my mind is not here in the wake of your wave. I am angry for you have scorn me but i am not subject to melting like the ice we slid on for our valentines eve.


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