Fast. Faster. 

As the speed increases, so does my heart.

My eyes melt as I look across the horizon

slowly accelerating into the oblivion.

Every cloud a different shape with a different story,

We all watch them; astonished by their glory.

Window seat or end seat, the feeling is always the same: 

A rush of "I'm going to a new place with a new name."

It's a physical high and mental too. 

Traveling and exploring is all I want to do.

I would be perfectly okay never settling down,

Home is a place I never want to be found. 

Just to travel is to live, living by new perspective.

New people and new sights, I can never get enough of it.

When I try to explain the passion to another,

It all comes out funny as I'm giddy with stutter.

They say the hardest goodbyes lead to the best hellos,

I'm ready to find out, so let's just go, go, go.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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