The World's Stage(d)


If everyone is an actor, to each his own,

why do some leae the performance in the first act?

One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings.

But Look at your hands.


In each, you hold a cord that wraps around the entire world. 

Set off a chain reaction, and you may find a completely different result come to pass.

A great potential can besnuffed, quick as a wink. He or she may never thank the supporting roles, the directors. The One may not look or say one's peace until the last act.

On a bleary night, why choose crazy, unreadable life over calm, quiet death?

Look at your hands.


You have the power, the motivation to star in another's life.

Plenty of sketchy situations, ravaging heartbreaks, moments of truth and valiant feats await you.

Have fears, and realize that, like words, they only harm if given Form and Power.

Kiss many frogs and ugly ducklings until you find your swan.

A diamond in the rough cannot compare to that one stone, rolled by the tide, which absorbs all  worries.

Laugh with the world when you exit the public rest-rooms with your dress tucked into your stockings and panties! The maintenance woman will be too cracked-up to notice that you left a five-dollar tip in her tip jar.

If, by chance, you look down at yourself and don't like what you see, do forty jumping jacks. Look at the sky and ask your God, Allah, Tao or Buddha to wash the bad thoughts out with positive energy.

Be daring, by playing paintball with an old flame! His friend may hit on you...

Then, dramatically turn the other way and carry your "battle scars" with pride- Shake him off, baby!

Beware hubris- guess what has hold of the strings?

Look at your hands. If they do wrong, right them.

Travel, if possible, and unravel your string to include the whole world.

Widen the stage. Live on friend, live on.


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