the gap

"thank you for flying!"

seatbelt latches snap open

briefcases are hoisted into the air

a ruddy-cheeked boy's hand is yanked

into the aisle

all at once

containment is impossible

the collective jams toward the door

a stampede through the eye of a needle

one by one, passengers slip through

to the other side


then there's me

my toes halt


humid air rushes up

in between 

the gap

the brilliant steel of the plane reflects the sun

my eyes water at the brightness


on this side

the familiar

home, collecting dust

why can't i cross the divide? 

between normalcy and terror

the other side 

adventure awaits

a piece of myself whispers enticingly to be found

but in the unknown there is terror

my heart aches to encounter something


danger! danger! my head pleads


a pointed cough interrupts my inner war

i force my foot forward

over the gap it sails

before my brain reawakens, i'm across


the dingy airport carpet welcomes my stride

out the revolving door i spin

from all angles, foreign languages pierce the dusty air

the noise and oxygen envelope me 

rapidly, i inhale

exhaustedly, i smile







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