Audacity of a Tear



A tear
Oh a single tear
Raced down my face.
Tickling my cheek 
Cooling the edge of my mouth,
A dripping pain
That I've always tried 
To conceal.
To never let leave 
The sanctity of my eyes.
A prison formed 
To forever hold my tear, 
Has found a way to fail me.
To let this tear 
This tear alone
Pass along my skin. 
To allow the sad story
This tear tells
To be written on my face.
To grace this tear 
With The chance to shame me,
Humiliate me,
Disgrace me, 
I despise this tear.
But yet, admire this tear.
It takes the pain along 
on its journey 
To the ground.
As it races to my chin 
It wipes away
My sorrow
Until I can no longer
Provide the fuel
For this tear to travel
On its own. 
Till my weeping stops,
And my mind clears. 
I must thank 
The Audacity of a tear. 


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