Islands of the Caribbean

Tue, 06/01/2021 - 16:58 -- mrapook

In the middle of the warm Atlantic
where there are small islands
    in the Caribbean sea
where white sand beaches
stretch a long distance
    the end you can not see

Translucent crystal waters
aqua fresh pools with no sides
glistening from the star above
that keeps the tepid tides

from Freeport to Montego Bay
the miniature isles to the east
all fourteen will feel the same
with considerable colorful reefs

ocean melds into the vibrant sky
as clouds bounce off the horizon
there is no place i’d rather be
for every working day i shun

umbrella drinks, steel drums vibes
beautiful vistas that they boast
never want to leave there
billowed sails maneuver boats

hopping pristine shores to shore
which one will i like most?
no matter which one i visit
it’s nirvana along the coasts.

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