I can see it, hear it! Touch it? (aka Teaching at it's Finest)


I want to teach

It's my future goal and my childhood game

I can become a teacher

But . . . is there more

I can see the world

It's in books and on tv

I can hear it so clearly

The language is so clear from my learning tapes and manuals

It's so easy to expeience the world, right?

I mean, it"s everywhere!

But, can I touch it?

I want to know!

What is it that makes the world so different?

People say they've been to Paris, London, New York

Is it so easy to get to the world?

I want to go!

The world is so big! Or so I've heard

There are so many people! Or so I've been told

I can go anywhere for my job! I think

Is it so hard to beome a teacher?

. . .

The World is Huge!

It makes my world seem tiny

The World is Exotic!

So many foods, dances, places

The World is Diverse!

So many people! languages! cultures! students! teachers! Lives!

The World is so much more than I ever dreamed . . . but . . .

Can I touch it?

Can I go there?

Can I be there?

Can I . . . 






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