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If you like to dance, it expresses yourself; If you do the moonwalk like Micheal Jackson, you will learn like him; If you like this exercise, then you can listen to music while dancing;
It's a dance where no one touches each other They acknowledge that each other exists But they disagree on the beginning who or what created us   This dance changes depending on the subject
Sweet romance  Running in fantastic lines Agreeing with magical future In embrace of miraculous now We dream to heal
Instead of bombing, shelling and trashing our neighbors Let’s all do the highly popular fun ‘Jeru’ dance
Stay up all night Can’t handle tomorrow  Rather dance in the dark until my legs are weak and my head is spinning I’ll say I put up a fight
Dance  Move with every fiber of your being Dance Like no tomorrow, time is fleeing Dance Dance Embody who you are with every step Every gallop Every leap Dance
"your capabilities do not lie in here" he said gesturing at his arms and legs he tapped his forehead "they are here" his finger hovered over his heart "and here"
  She twirls  Hair in the air Sun gleaming down  Unaware of the  War around her Hate Fighting Violence
Back when the palms of his hands  weren’t scarred by calluses  and his feet were as nimble  as the sticks of a percussionist, he danced with her in a space 
It amazes me how some people are able to make their bodies move,  And how they work countless hours in an empty studio to try and improve. 
Running down the stairs With my pink embroidered dance bag The rising temperature  Causing my skin to moisten  Like a melted Hershey bar 
A boy prances on the theatre stage His pirouettes piqued my next mind's page His pretty face sets my eyes to him It takes such might to unglue them   He turns, and twists and jumps so high
She is a Dancer She has a Dancer's Soul. Dance was her first love Her healing and passion The only one she trusted Who she turned to when times where too rough When the emotions were too much
Lights up, curtains drawn Audience cheers, music starts Movement flows within.   I take my first breath, And lift my head anxiously,
  He will show me how he dances, And I will ask him where he learned to move his feet like they are leaves Like they are light and bright and free, And he,
Thoughts invite Emotions to a dance  An elegant waltz They don't skip a step  For the fear of telling the story wrong looms over their heads like the gleaming chandelier Held together like glue
How do you achieve such grace Movements so stern yet at ease Your face tells it all   It seems like the song was written  Just so you can dnace to it Whenever it plays  
If it only takes two to tango, then why do you need another dance partner? Are my steps not on time? Are we not following the same rhythm? Do I not move when you move? Or perhaps it’s you who can’t keep up with the beat.
Some people change because of pain, for better or worse, We all possess a light side within us and dance in it in the best of times
one sliding foot draws the lines of the melody the toes curling in passion and fury the muscles rippling and tensing up the calf  
Her sweet spirit, so shy to the on looking world Exploded whenever she took the floor She twirled and jumped before she could ever speak And now her dreams walked out the door  
I try to face a fear At least once every year. If for some reason I don't get a chance I might just have to dance.  
Play me a song ‘Cause I’m feeling lonely Like the sad lyrics Of a Troye Sivan single Fuck it, I’ll dance all by myself
I love to dance But it's been corrupted And corroded And with every twist and turn I fall deeper into a world Of my own.
I check constantly for him. For him to be on. For him to have messaged me. But every time, just like the last, it is no different. Just silence.
Feet racing,dancing atopwinter snow...or spring mind stills and there is a passing peace,there is new life and fresh air breathing through my bones.dancing into darkness, dancing out.muscles work to burn away the bad, to build the new.keep
Start with a bow, Take a side they said, Choose your battles. What is this? Pulled here and there. They argue excessively. Tired of the rules. Collapsed from the stress.
My eyes were opened by the lessons she revealed My tongue was moved by her instructions We were in a dance at every class It never stopped Until one day she spun me one last time
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
I sit in the back of a dimly lit room Dancers swiftly move in unison in front of  me Staring at her gleaming costume I never thought I would be free   My eye met the movement inquisitively
My friendship to you.Its a curious thing.We laugh and we talk.And sometimes we sing.
I close my eyes and take a step Right, left, right, left   My hand placed gently, my hip grasped My right leg traps with the other, My mind goes to rest Right left right right  
My sneakers like to smile,  Their lips seem to tease, “It’s been a while. Put on music, Be at ease.” Those dirty old things, They taught me my footing, They taught me to count beats,
The competitive season is over, But the training is not. I think there’s so much value In becoming involved in a sport Where you are involved throughout
When I have both earphones in my ears, I swear I can dance.           The right playlist is all I need.           Either in my snow rimmed mirror.           In the path of hardware.           I'll prance.
Why do we do this stupid little dance? It's very well coordinated and I know the steps by heart But you don't seem to understand that with each twist and turn we destroy what we have It's broken down into simple steps
The beat of the drums shook the Earth, but my feet remained unmoved, tripping and trying to search for the right jive and groove.   Trickling in from the heavens came that fateful, unexpected storm,
At the top of the bleachers in an unfamiliar school, judges look out over a vast crowd. Speakers over 8 feet tall are stacked together blasting 90’s, 2K, and Today’s music,
The city bright and sweet Reflecting the drops of rain The paved stones glitter with amusement   Usually alive but now slowly dying
Institutes of red-golden desert heat, Of heaven and of hell, both calm and storm, The rotten thrones of summer don’t rule me.   Flickering midnight jives, my fairy feet Dance in fetid, humid air, July-warm.
Dear Dance,   For all of my life you’ve beaten me up, and bruised every inch of my body. I’ve broken bones, strained my muscles, and even pushed through pain others couldn’t, all for you.
I need you to tell me where I went wrong I’ve spent too many nights, afraid of something I do not know Terrified, that I might make the same mistake But it’s a hundred times more powerful than you think
Hungrily it devours, It prances through the forest Untamed and free Spreading it’s cruel fury.   Dancing, it reaches, Caresses the sky. It’s flickering blaze a graceful ballet,
The trees are dancing now, can’t you see? The melody of their dance is the wind They sway and bow like they’ve done this before; cause they have! Every time the music starts
To my ex: I let you put me in that dark little corner and just above me hung a mobile of bones -- it drew the breath straight from my lungs.   Silent whispers slithered in and out my ears,
Dancing is like gracefully dying with a schedule without endThere’s a lot you won’t comprehendThere’s a lot you can't controlThere’s a lot of stuffthat will take a toll All of the Reverse itsswearing you’ll fix itship poppingfeet stomping Dancing
Dancing has been my passion for as long as I can remember From pivots to turns, plies to pirouettes I was the girl that loved anything to do with contemporary,  jazz, and ballet
Let me write on your heart Let me breathe on your lips Let me tell you I love you While the sun slowly dips     Let me take your hand Paint the sky with my soul
Care. A word most often used to talk about love. Loyalty. A word most often used to talk about friendship. But when the two are combined, they swirl and dance with a never ending passion.
a waltz through the house toes sliding along the kitchen floor giggles drift into the living room   harmony in a routine a smile, a sniffle, a silence comfort in merely existing  
Our eyes met while the night was young, as the champagne bubbles danced across my tongue. Who knew this evening would decide our fate? This is the moment in which I find my soulmate.
Hear my song, delicate to your ears,Flowing like a gentle brook,Soothing your wildest fears...,Making you turn your head to look,  
Dressed in silk, dancing with lowborn ilk, His suit the color of foaming milk,
Moving to a funky beat, Speedin up pace, Pick up your feet, Get red in the face. Let your hair swish round, Reach for the sky, Bring your feet to the ground, With a loud joy cry.
It was not the act but the feeling: Intoxicated by the way feet glided across our small favela, the floor almost as black as my skin.
waltzing, with clarity, with passion the body moves how the voice knows not to speak with one’s feet paints a most vibrant picture of the soul   reach out, extend the arms a welcoming embrace
I miss the form. The elegant beauty of the landscape. That's what I'll call it, The landscape   It was like a landscape Long and lean, tended to Graceful and wind blown  
leap; slide in the dust of clean floorslow motion, as a rubber band snapand sweet focusin courage; extensions of psycheundulate motion in air; space of starsrelease.hold tendons together; pull tight
We touch, I feel it sink in like dirreah. "I love you" those words squirt out like icing from a frosting tip kit, but like a blast of steaming shit Its a hot sweaty festering thing we call romance
Feeling the warm rays of golden sunlight, their gentle touch carresing my exposed skin as I lay still listening, watching... The murmurr of the leaves a whispering all of the secrets never heard,
The fire flickers Dancing on the wall An intricate dance That keeps growing tall Red, orange, green, then blue Hotter and hotter
I move Fluidly through the room Spinning        Arching                Bowing I leap through the air, landing and turning, almost     silent
All because of a slip A fall A simple miscalucation of my feet and my world came tumbling down As I lay there on the ground Once again I became That Girl   The same girl from all those years ago
Cherry blossoms come to lifeAnd people, hundreds of them sit togetherTalkingLaughingEnjoying themselves
The idea rocketed around my head with determination Fireworks spitting flames into my imagination Join dance Join dance Join dance It bounced into my ta-ta-tapping toes and my beat-beating heart
Scuff, slap- rubber soles of the damned. Dance is, to the young man, a means of freedom and expression. Seven years of heavy footfalls, krump was the language and rhythm was the canvas.
I’ve found that Expressing thoughts through dance Has always been easier than expressing thoughts through words   It’s interesting to note that
Pour your heart out through the music that surrounds you. Sway your hips to the beat and rhythm like all eyes are depending on you. Step in the valleys that take you to a beautiful, imaginery place.
Tutus and tiny slippers running onstage hopeful the encore resonates. Bounces to a higher level no trepidation glide into position
Funk makes me move, it makes me groove Listening to James Brown, I feel good My friends told me that I dance like a schmuck But I can't get enough, of that funky stuff I might run out of luck, stuck in a rut
In this day in time it is hard to find a way to express your sorrow. But in my mind; if you dance, you'll be fine; and all you dread will be gone tomorrow.
Somber winds beat against the door fallen words halted by the sound  forgotten ways yearn for the past feelings once erupt are now bound   without words how can I express, 
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
Leotards and red licorice.
I get out of bed Becuase I love to go dance At my studio
Negativity builds in my veins Threatening to suffocate my heart Thoughts drag through a mud That coffee fails to clear But to move Sweat Release that toxic tension Unhinge my mind through the
"I want to dance, mommy," the little girl cried. All the older girls flitted and floated in her mind's eye. But not the kind of dance that most people think, no she wanted to yell with her mouth and stomp her feet.
when in my hearti ache & the lakesand rivers could be filledwith my deep sorrow,all it takes to clearthe gray skies & clear mystormy mindcan be a song, a dance
I whisper to the petals  My fears and doubts And wait for an answer.  I know their little ears Heard my soft tones. I waited so long for  A reply that I forgot What I had told them  And danced away, A smile on my face.
I've been told, Several times actually, to stop fidgeting, moving, talking, singing, "Sit still now!" adults would scream, school was a battle, between myself,
a quiet afternoon, a mug of coffee encased in both hands. i stare into the circle of beige, at the steam coming out of the brim, and i watch my anxieties evaporate. a blue turntable,
Gettin' me down,hunger, you're just gettin' me down.Gnawin' like tomorrow'sgot something important to do.What the hell,have my stomach, too.Just gettin' me down.
Life is full of uncertainties Pull the knife out my back because its hurtin' me. Look at your friends, find out whose the real one Look up, burned my eyes its the real sun. Back to back bad days
My own words have been stuck Between esophagus and windpipe too many times before Leading to glassed over eyes and lost attentions   You have to understand these knots of fragmented declarations choke me.
In the land of everlasting night The Sun and Earth twirl and sway Spinning aroung in fantastic flight   The Earth basking in his glorious light In a dance so graceful and gay
A feeling of strength comes from the way I move my hips to luscious sounds, Dropping to my knees to get close to the surface that supports me. Creating waves with a body so gentle and excited.
when i was a little girli dancedand they said stand in lineand eventually i stood  
Whether I am warming up by myself Or auditioning in front of my teachers to prove myself The sense that I feel as I dance is inspiration.  At the barre, I practice countless plies, tendus, and frappes
Dance away the pain,  Dance away the heartache. As stress and worry melt away, Happiness and joy fill the soul. Losing myself on the dance floor, I find who I truly am.
5, 6, 7, 8.Numbers, steps, lines, formations.Again.5, 6, 7, 8.Keep counting,Don't forget to smile,Watch where you're going.
She's gone. Nostalgia comforts as I'm consumed by my thoughts By her lingering aroma Sage, sassafras, and cinnamon drifting in the wind As I sit by our favorite willow tree
My dear Velvetine was the richest Queen No, not rich in gold but rich in life She spent her last days before her unexpected slumber dancing in the Roaring Twenties Swinging to the beat of the saxophone
You are graceful, elegant Even sometimes sudden and firm Steps are delicate, yet sharp The movements are very versatile   Flexibility, precision, and control Three skills that can never be perfected
The world is silent and tired,having borne the weight of a thousand restless soulsand the window pane shivers as the night drags on and I feelalmost sorrybut I can see little diamonds coruscating in the darkness,constellations dancing a story olde
The sound surrounds me thus superfluous movements consume the proximity. Supercilious proxies place themselves above me like an Aurora of boreal proportions, unorthodox luminescence provide unimaginable distortions.
She dances it all away until there is no yesterday, nor tomorrow or today. Hardwood floor and mirror take their place, surrounding her with their grace.
Can you hear that? It's music in the air People are dancing without a care You can dance solo or in a pair 
To spill the anger burning inside, To caress the heart crying,  To impede the endless thinking of mine,  To prevent myself from dying.    To cherish the precious memories made, 
Dance Dance is something I could not go a day without  It is the best way for me to express myself  I dance every chance I get  In order to free my mind  Without dance
My true passion, the one and only thing that saves me from insanity, the one thing that makes me different from everybody else, not only is it a talent, but it is an art, and a sport,
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
My thoughts they spin they twirl lovely in their madness their chaos their beauty... And I wish I could portray it replicate it draw it grasp it see it...
Ghosts fade, yet memories remain laced within the final song. Voices moan as the ballad grows although, they're all long gone. Feet in time, I dance the line wanting to forget them all.
Music speaks to me when you don't Headphones soup bowls bigger than my heart's holes  Hip hop a blessing an escape from the problem I'm not addressing shouting aggression yet soothing my depression
I am beautiful dancing across the stage flawless stealing your heart broken I am broken pink tights hide bandaid's bandaid's hide scars scars scars from cuts across my hips
It Hums Thrums Deep in my bones Frantically searching For answers unknown It skips My heart Reacts to the beat
  Breath like fire Take me higher- And through the room Burn bright like lighters.   Dear old song, help me remember Have your lyrics shine like embers. For they say that rolling stones
I am a dancer. Arabesque to piano concertos and painted faces before a performance. I am bruised legs and sit ups and missing papers, because I swear I did it it's just not with me.
You may strip me to the bone and examine my every part Go ahead and remove my soul While I pray to GOD that I will let go Of all my insecurities And my bad qualities And a broken back that will not stop me.
The whole room shook as the music took over as the figure got up on the stage and let the music take her body under. She danced in a way,  that intoxicated all as she flipped her head, 
            Slowly, we dance our waltz, One two three, one two three, on and on, But I’m on two when you’re on one, And I know how this dance ends,             Slowly, the music builds,
Dance with me.Swing me around the living room floorShow me what I missWhen we can't dance anymore.
She dances with an icy heart, cold, unyielding to rays of light. She creeps up, plants a kiss upon your cheek, A forgotten lover leaving traces of frostbite in her wake. There is no beating in her chest;
I catch you summer breeze and suddenly time stops, A moment of appreciation sets in. It seems you wait until I have forgotten your cool touch. I can't help but feel a smile begin.  
Bloody shoes, scraped feet, tired souls
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
Movement is bliss By exchanging a touch between you and the floor You have experienced a connection   A connection between you and the world A connection between you and your desires
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When the lights are shining down on you You finally realize that what you have worked for Strived for all year Comes down to a mere three minutes on stage So you leave your heart on the stage
The planet pirouettes on In a dance unfathomably vast And I wonder Where do I belong in this intricate choreography? What is my cue, my part, my step? And when I stumble, when I fall
To read is to step into an alternate reality
 To write is to build one
 To act is to live outside of yourself
 To dance is sometimes just to have fun
 To sing is to let your worries flow

Breathe in, breathe out. A rhythm to sleep's sweet song, a dance that has no moves.   His body, my warmth. His embrace for which I long, frustrations of the day, all at once, I lose.  
The snow dances down Like prima ballerinas, Floating and flitting. It lands with not one small sound, A lull, then orchestra swells.
Without lights, wihout glamour I'm that kid obsessed with M.C. Hammer I stick to myself and emerse myself In rhythms and beats Beats so rhythmic they make your heart dance, your soul sway
I stand alone
Position one
I dance everyday.
Beaming Yellow   Layers of makeup coat my anxious cheeks, Tutus glimmer under the incandescence. An eerie silence follows applause, Then darkness pours into the wings.  I am forced to face my fate.
      Your words dance across the page Drawing me in
As a kid I danced on the livingroom carpet. The beat filled me inside and made me feel alive. The frenzy growing and hungry and ready to explode in a rhythmic symphony of movement.
She moves like a feather That twirls with the breeze, So she can abate her bad memories And set her soul at ease.  
Having nothing to prove, Only one path to choose. She spins around and about, Not having anything to lose. No respect is given through love, As the effort comes from above. Still spinning-
Eyes despised glass for one and four hours Silent and soured by it's manipulative power By it's truth   It weaves delicate knots through the mind  threads thicken And lock
The ballerina, 
The moment I step on stage, I am able to transform into anyone I want to be. No one knows my name or my story, They only know what they see in that moment, in this second.
The bun upon my head, Sleek and aerodynamic. They may think my style is a fad, Changing and passing with time. Though It's classic, Pure and genuine.
   The dancer stands on the stage unmoving Eyes watched him with intense stares silently Music starts to play, volume improving Beating, he feels his heart race violently
I'm interesting
Swish, the white and blue-lined silky fabric tingles my nylons Big, bright lights glare into my eyes, but my smile stays put until the corners of my mouth ache.
By the moonlight We dance the night away By the firelight We sleep til the end of day   When summer is gone We dance in the trees We run along Through the piles of leaves  
  I'm behind the stage waiting for the curtain count......... I am in first position, I am eager, but I'm having a bad disposition. Everyone is up on toe. All eyes are in a row.
I'm behind the stage waiting for the curtain count......... I am in first position, I am eager, but I'm having a bad disposition. Everyone is up on toe. All eyes are in a row.
Brisk dancer I move with such grace
Flawless Dancer   The lights brighten and the curtain rises. I stand motionless...                          Shaking.
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
I am who I am and no one knows I just want to dance but my parents say no So deep down inside I hide what can`t be seen Until the day I am set free   Hold down by ropes pulling me back from my other me 
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
The world is on fire The cosmos did not mean to be in flames The passion of ballet I dedicate my life to it And when I go on Pointe the blood will rush through my feet as I rise trying to grow older
New ballet shoes, from many to choose. To help me dance, I knew at first glance. The pair I wanted, I saw, Sitting sweetly on the shelf without a flaw. At that moment outcame the ballerina in me,
Dance is known as the language of the soul . A boundless reach. An endless beauty that waits to capture and move.
Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching the dancers on T.V.  twirl. I wanted to be just like them, Dance away and win a gold gem.
Dance is my passion  A blessing that I can speak Through just a movement
  Oda a La Danza Una Memoria Bella   Danza, danza, danza Hay mucha vida en sólo una palabra Vida les da a los bailarines O, danza danza danza
I love to dance  Alone in a sundress in the rain  I found peace in naming the clouds  In surrendering to the little pleasures in life  And in giving hugs that tell stories 
As the lights fade on The world is so quiet As you hold your pose The nerves grow, you can’t deny it   The first notes flutter Through the air sprinkled with excitement You move the music
She moves gracefully, drifting like a leaf in the wind. Her body twist and turns to a rhythm only she can hear. Her moves are not a series of steps, but seem as one complete movement.
Sitting silently in the hallway,
Dance is a passion, Though some say it’s not, Dance is a way, You can express your thoughts. Dance is a sport, Though some disagree, Dance is an art, And it’s definitely not easy.
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
Blue paint drips from her sneakers, dancing along to purple rain she covers the scratches the scrapes from her crown of thorns. senseless noise fills her head, his calling is heard as a whisper
I didn’t know at first. First sight, first touch, it wasn't tantalizing until last night.
Small movements in the fingertips...        A slight raise of the chin...               Delicate steps onto the stage...                        A glittering smile to greet her prince....  
Bright lights flashing, extended lashes batting, one last breath and I rush on stage this is no longer me. captured my the music, lost in the movements, this is no longer me.
  By: Alondra Vahan
I sit in my classrooms alone and quiet, I have a lot to say but I just to hide it. Some say I'm shy, quiet, and nice, Others say I'm weird, loud, and I need advice. I say, they all need to think twice.  
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
I'll be honest. I'm a terrible dancer.
Let me step in someone else's shoes to be Alice for the time I'll have all kinds of new friends and shrink smaller than a dime
One. Two. Three. Four. My heart was pumping adrenaline. My legs were shaking. My mind grew close to empty. The music started playing. I forgot everything. I just made up bizarre moves. I smiled like an idiot.
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
Scared and silent, I was often unheard Misjudged, overlooked, ignored    For years I struggled on,  burning with passion and expression, 
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
Smile on my face 5, 6, 7, 8 Cheerleading. It's in my blood. 12 years of it. 12 entire years of my life. 12 years of pom poms, dancing, cheering on the crowd.
The butterflies flitter in my stomach, 
Lingering at the studio door are the memories of you. At last I am able to let go of the pain and sorrow you felt too. No one knows of the journeys we took, too passionate to overlook.
All the world about me crumbles
I walk along a field of grey
I really enjoyed how bubbly she and goofy he lindy hopped on smooth wood without looking in the studio mirror. It wasn’t so lovely once you came not to ask me to dance, but to call me a wallflower
The music plays As our hearts sway Back and forth To the sound of Empty fingertips Our eyes sparkle To the tone of Guitar strings and Vanilla Twilight How does this time
Childish Attention whore Fat Ugly That's what they called me The names that still ring in my ears as clear as the blue ocean that wraps around your toes and covers your feet with momentary protection
Raining in the middle of the street  We dance to a Rhythm
There was once a jazzy song When heard would make you dance along We swung and we swayed We danced a soiree Oh how we loved that old jazzy song
You told me you didn’t want to,that I could do it without you.Your lack of interest and your surety,rejected me into his hands of security.As our hands clasp,
Your words flow sweetly Drip like honey From your half-closed lips A smile lures me in Your hand outstretched A twist, a turn, a spin Encircled by your arms I lose myself in the music
Off we go, just us two inside the studio   To free ourselves and simply dance, to inspire those who desire to advance
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
1) Blast music from my room at 3 am while sharing stories with a friend I've only recently met
I love the girl with the vampire bite
  Eternally dancing in one place, She wears elegant draping and lace.    Frozen on her tip toes    While twirling in one pose With a ceramic smile on her face.
My name is Aubree, I love the wide open sea. Dream job in the Mob,   Naw, I’m too lazy. I wana be a dancer. Type that fight cancer?   Grammy died of it
Dear Moon let me bathe In your gentle rays; Let me dance in your light That make me secret pathways.
Flirting is a dance.  A delicate balance of movements and grace using body language and words. A lie within a lie within a lie. You know it's effecting you when you're hyper aware of your pulsing heart.
You are the green and I am the black That make up the northern lights. The light and the dark together; The most beautiful of the sky's sights.
To the black and white minstrel Capped in red Drumming a ballad of beat In a forest ballroom with ceilings of leaves   Capped in red Autumn trees stand tall
Each step I take, Each spin I do, I'm seem to be a little more free. The bright lights, warm on my face, Spotlight me, as I leave my soul on stage.
Sway with my boulders and broad shoulders, swiftly as trees and as good as bees, you and me should be a team. Footsteps like rocks but attractive as tater tots. Whether it's the arch of my back,
We dance, dance endlessly in a gentle-swaying torrent,
The future lies beneath a dream, a dream everyone want to live, yet, we all pertain a different one, like the one to become a dancer, for the rest of your life be a dancer, making it your one in a life time opportunity to seize everything you hav
A nimble spirit dancing this wayAnd that way, through the bare tree limbs;Resting for now, this moment.The breeze stirs translucentCelestial void;Cradled by Night,Exquisite,GorgeousNight. 
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
One job that can change a life.
 Cool air comes through the vents in a hushed tone Tough purple knees hit the floor leaving 20 girls sore During break all that can be heard are groans With blisters infested on their feet from the wood floor  
This weary chime,
Screaming lyrics till I’m hoarse, Till my throat bleeds, then I’ll have satisfaction, Music- I sway, dance, sing, I scream with it. Take each carefully planned note like a last sweet and sour breath.
On the sidelines
Notes fill the air Where there was a void previously is filled with a beat Beats that resounded with the heart Boom boom boom Ba-dum Ba-dum Ba-dum Each pulse sends energy into a limb
As I aged It faded fast Although I wished It would last One foot forward One foot back Now memories are Of the past Piano, Forte Fast, Slow What I did was stop Instead of go
Last night a DJ saved my life I was broken and nothing seemed to turn out right but he let the music play and all my pain started fading away   My troubles turned to the bass line
when i hit the field the crowd starts to scream. I sit here thinking this could only be a dream. no way, i never thought i would see this day. It all started with my tryouts in may. All the blood sweat and tears through the years.
It comes quickly Like a wave kissing the shore with its salty taste Retreating slowly before it comes again It's a feeling, a vibration Like adrenaline The heart moving faster
The cadence beat sounds The floor stands still He takes rounds The sun comes up The sun goes down He moves without a frown The moon says hello The moon says goodbye
I can taste it in the air.  Spicy, warm, and ready to melt in my mouth, It comes to me. 
The release of my emotions, The movement of my soul, The language of my heart, Dance. There are no limitations, no expecations, but only beautiful improvisations. Let go, to feel
the ladies of the foam prepare for the dance their legs kicking higher as they stretch to the sky the ladies of the foam start the opening number slowly
     I’ve found there are questions and then there are questions.
Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst. Touched by your warm smile, waiting all along just to hold you a while. Tulips grow in May showers, 
A dancer is expected to be tall, long, and thin.  Their balance should rival a cat, and their grace should make you stare in awe.    When a shorter than average, larger than average
It burns. It stretches. It pulls at my everything. The song reverberates through my muscles. Even when I am still, I am moving, I am floating, I am melting into the music.
I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm lost. I'm scared. I'm happy and daring and waiting, prepared. I want to, I have to, I need to share
Freedom comes with each word that pours out of the speakers Every step I take and move I make Grace is wrapped around my arms and legs While my mind is at rest and my body performs.
When I was a child, I wanted to be a dancer. Twenty hours a week, ice packs and recitals. Dreaming of a stage with a full house and applause But what I was missing, was working towards a cause. Forward.
Que Arte! Bright colors fly Men and women sing Twirling and spinning Has always been my thing. It began when I was five I watched my mother prance And began to ponder deeply,
Her toes barely touched
Stretched into a pirouette Porcelain arms above her head Pristine balance and tight bunned hair A trickle of salt water dread The lace toe shoe grips the edge Atop the orange lip of God Sprawling below is dark abyss She could fall with just a prod
The Maiden danced gracefully Thousands of dimly lit lights Twinkling above her head The spot lightn her She dance an dances Trees wave with silent cheers As she dances by
I wrote this for the purpose of an inspirational video.The impact of the piece isn't as great unless you SEE it. Please check it out as you listen and read along. Copy this link into your browser,
     Dancing is living   Everyday i come home waitin to dance in my room, making sure no one is inside making it solitary and gloom. i wait to not hear a sound from outside trying to come in,
Hours after hours of rehearsal countless late weekend nights at the studio and a lifetime’s worth of bobby pins, dance shoes, and ripped tights. All for the next two and a half minutes.
Life is like the music that takes you away Your body moves at the sound of a drum The steps that you take leads the way    Every leap and twirl that's where the determation lay
  I found my voice in dance. Some students don’t have the money for the private studio classes Some students don’t have an outlet to express themselves Some students don’t have a voice yet.
The Ghost You can see her, right? Wrong, very few of us can The Ghost   She’s a part of me Shorter and fater Outgoing and hyper Nothing like me   Oh so very different from
You're the only thing that keeps me sane yet you drive me so crazy and might I ask why baby? Blood, sweat, tears but I've put up with you for seventeen years Loving you is a struggle
I dance because God made me to dance. I dance because even though sometimes it’s the most painful and hardest thing I do,it can only make me stronger and more dependent on God.
I still have the first photograph taken of us. It was at prom, at our tiny high school, and even though we'd barely even spoken a word to each other in the years we'd attended, our parents insisted we pose - and we did.
Let's go back. I mean way way back.Just a face in the bleachers, a train on the track.With your laces tied together I thought you would fallBut you kicked off your shoes and it made me feel small. 
As the music plays,you're standing thereuntil the song slows its rythem.He steps forwardand whisks you away.Your arms entwined with his,dancing with each other,as the music plays.
what sweet melody is your love songI step into its danceyou pull my weary heart alongwe swing and sway in tender trancewhat is right, what is wrongfades as you take stanceinviting hands, soft and strong
As you walk onto the stage,  Your body is trembling, shaking;  Stomach is in knots   Looking into the crowd,  So many eyes are on you,  As you stay composed and graceful   
The sounds of music speak their mind And show how the musician feels A simple pluck of a string is all it takes To make a memory seem real.   Music comes in many different forms;
Oh Great and Cosmic SeaAll I wish, a dance with theeSo I gaze into the skyAnd turn to thee a lustful eye"Oh to be free among the stars,To bob and weave just as they are.Never shall I be so free!
My poems are entries to my invisible diary. they scream secrets I’m too afraid to whisper. relishing in my honesty, they roll inside lost hour glass sand grazing in memories of words I never said.
Like a marionette, She sits a puppet with hanging strings Tangled in masters hands. Her once darling dress, Now just tattered remnants of what once was. Her face so delicately designed
Wisps of air pranced through the blades of grass under the creek And danced atop the dorsal fins of the creatures of the deep And found under the surface of the water
Her first night out as a flapper girl, And he was a man of the band. One thing they both had in common, They really loved jazz.   She stood with her friends and swayed, To the rhythm of the drums,
  I do what I love. I am passionate about what I do. I dance. It takes feelings and emotion to dance with passion.  
The blood, the sweat, the cries, The tears, deception and lies, All for that one moment in the light, That's why I do it, that's why it's done   Starting from the little balance beam,
Heads are turning on an axis As they’re dancing lightning flashes Round and round their spirits go, Rain drops falling on their noses.   Wishing it would never end Thunder crashing out again,
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." Quote by Martha Graham Dance can change people. Dance changed me. It showed me how to express myself through movement. It is entertainment. It is a passion.
<DanceStanding on your stage preparing for my life exposed turning, leaping stop can you see me, can you hear my hearts song?
Come live with me and be my girl, Together we will spin and twirl. Around the floor we shall go round, I'll never let you hit the ground. We shall dance atop the wooden floor,
Show me your story But dont use words, dont speak. Let the novel be written And make it expressive! Your frustrations, tribulations. We want to see, not just me, everybody.
                                                                                     A Dancers World                                                             
I went to a dance one night on the Queen Mary in May where the ocean kissed the ship the same way the guests tip toed on deck that was adorned with pearl necklaces of lights
A simple brush against my cheek, Such touching makes me weak. He whispers softly in my ear, Just loud enough for me to hear. Come dance with me.
“It is said that Prometheus ascended into heaven and secretly lit his torch at the chariot of Helios, in order to bring down fire to man”
I love to dance. Smooth, languid, ignoring the lines and boundaries. I can dance my way into your heart with one flick of my finger, my tiny dancers. And make you despise me with one more.
LIFE Such a small word with a lot of meaning An eclectic beauty or nightmare It depends on how your visionaries see it
I dance because of the beat It touches my body like the sweat from the heat It’s captivating and nurturing Like a love to dance so virturing It feels like I’m in another dimension
Breathe in, breathe out. Lungs on fire, body ready to collapse. My face flushed while the sweat drips down from my forehead.
People Participate in their own passions. Some have poetry; Some have fashion; Some have jobs. My passion is dance! I could dance in the rain all day and be perfectly content;
A dance of sorts, Fast like a tango, Slow like a waltz, And a little quick Like a cha cha tap. I dance to its beat Whether is 1 or 3 Turning and turning Until my legs get weak.
Dreaming is wishing Hoping for a better life A life that no one expects A dream without a wish is just a plan For one that expects is not a wish
Before I step onto the floor, My legs being to shake. I hear the people roar, My stomach starts to ache.
Elise by Henry Bertheaud
The real me is shy, But not afriad to speak her mind The real me is weak, But tries to be STRONG, The real me can sing and dance, But just donesn't show it The real me is smart,
Like heroin, its rhythms captivate me. Rushing heavily into my veins, its essence drowns me. Pounding deeper and deeper in to my soul, it engraves permanence. My eyes close as I slouch into it. Do you feel it?
No one knows The affects you have on me. I don’t know if you would be considered A passion or a drug. When im with you I become Something I wish I could be everyday… I feel almost super human.
Our waltz is not a dance that I would forget It wears out the soles of my shoes and the hours in my day. Our waltz is not a dance that I want to share with anyone but you.
I enter the theatre once more Ready to watch the pink satin glide across the floor. Only now I know what happens inside those shoes of satin, the hard shank and box seize the toes and prepare to flatten.
The movements are unknown and sudden Like a river flow of the unforgotten Dance is a rush of expression Without reason but full of passion
Inside the body There is where our enigma resides, Between our arms and our thighs, It thrives.
Fireflies dancing without a care in the world No stress, no responsibilities just for that night Glowing in each other's company, buzzing about Dressed to impressed and ready to amaze
My fingers are tingling For you Your smooth skin And liquid personality Like fire, taking control Quick whip of authority When needed, of course. Leader. Hawk, is what they call you
Melodic perfection winds through my ears and finds my heart. Authentic purity overcomes me in the length of a cleansing sigh. I am an extension of the music.
Swis, swish, she is air. Floating and flowing, being a breeze. Until she takes a stance. Stomp, stomp, and she is earth. Homely and humble, embracing every inch of stage. Until she stares out at you.
She slipped her tender toes Into my familiar bind My pink laces swiveled around Her legs like house cats. And I animated her.
I’ll dance to the music, That sings inconsolably sweet I’ll sway and step And try. I’ll dance to the music Because I have no words Only the need to dance these Steps
If we can't dance how do we show that we can be wild and crazy or mellow and lazy that we have the passion that rises from our bones or that we're so calm we're practically stoned
Come, darling, dance with me. We’ll soar to the top of the sea, Swim with all the birds that fly, Linger at the bottom of the sky. We’ll waltz the tango until we drop, Love each other until our hearts pop,
The sun emits fading rays Warm breeze brings still air to life Twirling and spinning, the wind invites leaves To dance in unison, touching the warm earth Arriving at tiny bare feet A little girl giggles
Mistakes were made but I moved on from them They only shaped me, they did not make me As I went forward I never looked back You are only given one life to live Cherish it, enjoy it, love it, live it
I look out the window the sky is dark a sudden flash of light piercing the sky a cluster of thunder makes me jump I step outside I stand in the yard staring around the rain starts to dance around me
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
Music is Deep in my soul One of the things That keeps control When I feel that stage And my body goes to work I dance out the feelings And let everything go I am one with it
I like to listen to music. The kind that blares and shakes the lights while you reach for the ceiling like it's the stars.
Graceful on my feet as I move gently like a soft wind hitting a sheet. Of paper. feelings kept inside are spilling out from left to right a few mistakes here and there they will be fixed. Later.
The silent song of sorrows played with ease, As her tribal dress swayed along the breeze Her feet dug deep into the earth with every stomp In her native tongue she spoke a vicious taunt,
My dance instructor, so cool so fresh My heart racing as I am put to the test Stepping to every sound, feeling every beat Making sure that I accomplish an amazing feat Though tough times he is always there
To him who finds freedom, Beauty, and grace in Dance: she holds him In a warm embrace. She removes All confusion and doubt and fear From his mind and casts it from him. She lightens his darker moods;
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