Dancer's Soul

She is a Dancer

She has a Dancer's Soul.

Dance was her first love

Her healing and passion

The only one she trusted

Who she turned to when times where too rough

When the emotions were too much

It was Dance who helped her get through it


When betrayal was given to her like an unwanted gift, long left forgotten

And her heart was ripped like the delicate wings of a butterfly

Dance was her healer

Dance was her passion


Her body is young 

But her bones too weak and tired

To carry this Dancer's soul

They ache and they groan with the weight of her passion

Not strong enough to hold her


Dance was her healer

and Dance was her passion

She is a Dancer 

She has a Dancer's Soul

She gives one last show 

Not ready for goodbye

And she murmurs a soft chant, or a promise it seems


I am a Dancer and I have Dancer's Soul

Someday, when my body is not weak and as frail as the crumbling structures of old

I can return to my love

My passion and healing

My love is the Dancer's Soul.

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