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United States
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Inside the body
There is where our enigma resides,
Between our arms and our thighs,
It thrives.

Licks of fire tickle my tissues
Sending signals of delight.
And the most rewarding state
Is being ignited.

My eyes melt into gold.
Adrenaline sprinting from one neuron to another.
Glowing in the presence of
Notes dancing along staffs.

In my throat, I feel the heat
Crawling up.
My enigma escaping
The cage meant to protect it.

My body heaves,
Mind rejects,
Enigma smiles and giggles.
It will have its way with me.

Soon after, my mind is bent over
Tired of fighting
It dissolves into the enigma.

My body, now a marionette, is
Playing games meant for
Cognitive control,
But puppeteered by the auto pilot.

Jubilant and power hungry
My enigma creeps into every
Imposing its tyrannical ways

My incompetent mind watches
My body writhe in
Pure satisfaction.
Incapable to fathom the relationship of body and enigma

Walls crumble.
My mind crippled.
Unable to understand why
Its years of work have failed

Sparks of the enigma land
On the walls of those surrounding,
Conquering every body,
Dropping heavy bombs.

My mind cannot fathom
What my enigma has done.
With my body as a paintbrush,
A movie of flashbacks is projected
Onto a screen too public.


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