What I'd Rather Do Than Tell Someone I Love Them

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 11:57 -- stodd16


1) Blast music from my room at 3 am while sharing stories with a friend I've only recently met

2) Write a poem about my future by the light of the moon

3) Watch the Parent Trap and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my mother on a Sunday afternoon

4) Read Ariel, listen to the Beatles and learn to waltz

5) Convert from Catholic to Baptist 

6) Reminisce about gym class in middle school

7) Wonder why the moon revolves around the Earth and then Google it

8) Sing Ain't No Sunshine on a sunny day with my guitar on my front lawn

9) Eat an apple, swim three miles, eat an apple

10) Date someone my parents hate so that when we break up they can be proud of me

11) Make a phone call to the only boy I've ever loved and let him know that I'm moving on 

12) Start a journal dedicated to Anne Frank

13) Convert back to Catholicism and go to confession 

14) Attend my middle school reunion

15) Sew into a quilt the words I never said to the Prima Donna who used to be my best friend

16) Re-read my middle school yearbook 

17) Watch my brother get beat up and that night egg the kid's car and slash his tires

18) Throw away any valentine I ever received

19) Wear a pair of jeans that make my butt look big

20) Try to remember what I learned in Biology

21) Try to remember sleepovers

22) Try to remember my first friend, first kiss, first dip in the pool, first feeling that felt like the rain forest

23) Try to remember the girl that died when she was 14 walking home from school

24) Re-visit middle school 

25) Dare to think about high school

26)Plan out my future while erasing the past

27) Take 3 more steps

28) 2 more

29) 1 more 

30) Tell anyone I knew in middle school that I miss them 

31) I miss them 

32) Wave goodbye

33) Take 4 steps backwards 

34) Hello


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